How Far Can You Go

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How do you know how far you can go - until you try to get to somewhere you have never been before?

Too often people decide without even trying that they can’t do something just because they have never done it before. Crazy eh who would want to do that?

How Can You Possibly Know What You Can Do If You Have Never Tried.

All it takes to achieve something new is to set the goal to get there and put realistic steps in place.

Learn to not listen to negative messages in your head…it is just a bad habit you have got into and the more you listen to those inner voices the more negative you become.

Before you know it you will be saying to yourself there is no use even trying because I know I won’t be able to do it. Control those negative thoughts before they control you.

With this defeatist attitude of course you won’t be able to.

Learn new positive habits and train yourself to look for the outlook you want with a knowing that you can do it. Stop the woe-is-me stories that you tell yourself and others…don’t live as a victim.

The more attempts you make to think positive thoughts, the more positive you become and that brings creative solutions to the situation.

Only those who risk going too far can find out how far than can go. Always look ahead for the next journey you want to go on. We all have an Everest that we want to climb…find what it is for you. You can do remarkable things. You can be UNSTOPPABLE!

You’ve got to want it more than you don’t want it.
To win you have to love winning more than you hate losing. If you start fearing losing then you can be beaten because that is what you will be telling yourself.

Everything you want in life you have to make a decision and every decision has a consequence. Learn to focus and visual what it is you want…see the whole journey in pictures…visualise all the steps and how will it make you feel.

Sit next to a successful person – talk to them and learn what they have done….it cuts out a lot of wasted time and mistakes when you learn what not to do from them…their experience is priceless.

You can do any damn thing you like if you have enough passion – enough commitment – are prepared to take risks – just go for your dream. You want to die with lots of memories not lots of unfulfilled dreams.

Stand outside of yourself and take a good look at who you are and see how others would see you….If you were looking at you as another person - would you be happy with what you see, or is there anything you would want to change about this person?

It is helpful to be able to see ourselves as others see us then we are more open to receive and accept compliments or take criticism as we know these are helpful when we take a constructed view of our life.

There is no can’t …what you really mean is you won’t – humans can do remarkable things its all about attitude.

Learn skills to create a brighter future, rather than just letting life happen to you. Create moments that will take your breath away….magical moments ….MAKE IT HAPPEN by living a limitless life and becoming an unstoppable person!

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“To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.”
Benjamin Franklin

A negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity and a positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.

Which one are you a positive or negative thinker?

Opportunities are everywhere and what you see depends mainly on what you look for, the opportunity doesn’t go away someone else will just take what you missed.

Everyday you wake up to new opportunities; it’s a new beginning another chance to grab the opportunity that could change your life.

You regret the opportunities you miss far more than the mistakes you make.

Unstoppable people grab every opportunity along the way, they snatch, seize and enjoy every moment and they know the true value of time.

Never be afraid to completely fall apart as that is an opportunity to rebuild yourself exactly the way you wish you had been all along.

Every experience you have is an opportunity to learn and grow. Focus on all the possibilities and you will find more opportunities.

If your focus is on problems all that will come from that is more problems.

“Luck is what happens, when preparation meets opportunity.”
- Seneca

You can make different choices than yesterday, or you can make the same choices again not learning anything from yesterday’s experiences. The decision is yours.

Even in a crisis or adversity that has been thrown in your path an opportunity can be created. Adversities change you as a person as in the course of stepping up to overcome the crisis you learn that you can do things that you could not do before.

Be ready to open your door when opportunity knocks on it. Throw the door wide open and step through and grab that opportunity in both hands and go for it.

Make sure you know yourself and what are your strengths, weaknesses, beliefs and values. Don’t be afraid of failing, experiment and learn new and different ways.

Believe in yourself and that you are good enough to take on any new opportunity. It is your attitude towards possibilities that allow more things to come to you.

Have a positive mindset, be grateful for this abundant world we live in, have a real passion for life and what you do. Living your life in this way you can’t help but have many opportunities come your way.

“The real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job.”
- Zig Ziglar

The average person takes as long as they are given to complete a job but the opportunist takes only as long as needed to complete the job, as they don’t want to miss out on the next opportunity.

They forget about deadlines and the supposed time something should take and just get stuck in and do it. This is what makes them remarkable and unstoppable.

Successful people are drawn to other successful people and therefore they are surrounded with more opportunities.

Doing more is a great opportunity to learn new skills, to meet different people and build new relationships to expand your knowledge. Going that extra mile in life is always filled with opportunities.

Read any successful person’s story and the road they travelled will be far different from the average Joe Blog.

They always do that extra thing that others won’t and that is why they get more opportunities because they create them.

Dream big and opportunities just start turning up.
Be curious if you really want to grow, learn to be as curious as a child and you will see the opportunities around you.

Children know how to stop and wonder and to imagine, they ask lots of question and are always curious - never lose your curiosity.

As Richard Branson says, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”

Don’t wait until you are looking back to see all the wonderful opportunities that life has given you. Opportunities are always there it is often just the self-doubt voice in your head that prevents you from seeing them.

Napoleon Hill is quoted as saying, “In every adversity lies the seed of an equal or greater opportunity.”

Be willing to do more, make that extra phone call, work late, start early. Instead of complaining about what needs to be done take some action.
Be helpful to others with out being asked; offer to show them what you know. Be different than the majority of people. Doing more creates opportunities.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
- Thomas Edison

Be inquisitive as there are opportunities everywhere that you might be missing out on by being stuck in your old ways and habits.

You might think your life purpose is what your parents or someone else has told you,,,,but is it really?

Maybe it’s time to get out of your old ways and habits and take a new look at life with fresh eyes. You’ll never know how little you know until you decide to learn more.

Unstoppable people seek, search and question pushing the boundaries and challenge all they are told, never just accepting what is…that’s why they get more opportunities.

See everything as an opportunity and seize the moment and you will live the most incredible, unstoppable life.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
- Winston Churchill

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How Fear Can Benefit Your Life

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“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”
- Gandhi

If your fears stop you from doing the things that you want….ask yourself what is it costing you? How huge is the impact on your life? What is it robbing you of?

When you let fears rule your life they take over controlling your decisions and the choices you make. FEAR is usually not even real so why would you let that control your life.

There are things that are dangerous and you are wise to be frightened of them and to take the necessary precautions but fear is in your imagination. It is something you have made up. Learn to use your fear to benefit you before it uses you.

A great acronym that describes fear is:
FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

This is a great explanation of fear as most times that is the case…it is not real only appearing so.

People have all sorts of fears - fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not being good enough, fear of being rejected, fear of the unknown and the list could go on and on.

“The key to success is for you to make a habit throughout your life of doing the things you fear.”
- Vincent VanGogh

The fear of change can be very scary for some causing them to just give up to not even try which weighs them down. This weight is carried around like a heavy sack of wheat and this load they carry around day after day causes all kinds of stress ….maybe keeping them feeling sad, helpless, bogged down and worthless.

Not making changes can cause your self-esteem to plummet. It takes a lot of mental energy to not do something - to let your fears win. Long term it can cause physical illness.

It is much easier and more beneficial to work on your fears and get rid of that weight you are dragging around on a daily basis. Make the changes to become the real YOU …live an exciting life that you love. If you want to change your results, you first have to change your thinking.

As Henry Ford said…"Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Get rid of those damn fears NOW, stop limiting yourself and live a life of passion and purpose. Focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t.…be gone FEAR be gone…I am stronger that YOU!

Fear is a common current that runs through all of our lives and if you allow it fear will keep you locked up in a prison of self-doubt, procrastination - robbing you of joy and spontaneity.

If you allow it to FEAR can be the biggest motivator and can serve a valuable purpose. If you fear something all that means is you don’t understand whatever it is or you don’t have enough knowledge or the skill set to do whatever you are fearful of.


Set a goal around your FEAR and break it down into little daily action steps that are manageable to YOU.

After a time you will start to see….as you have taken some steps to overcoming this FEAR that it is no longer so fearful and you ask yourself – why was I so afraid?

“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.”
Albert Einstein

In your mind you have a choice, you can let the fear control you robbing you of more success and happiness or you can decide to take some daily action steps and break the fear down so you can overcome it.

Stop letting fear suck the life out of you stealing your dreams and goals letting you live a life of mediocrity. If you let your fears win then you settle for less and compromise on what you really want.

What will be the ultimate cost to you if your life is determined by your fears? What will be the sacrifices you have to make? What will you miss out on?

Get rid of your doubts and get clarity on what you really want for your life …break the fear chains that keep you imprisoned.

FEAR is the NO 1 Dream Killer…


Imagine yourself at the end of your life, sitting in your rocking chair gazing out the window reflecting on your life.

Take a look back at your life – What are your regrets? How would your life have been different if you had overcome your fears? Do you wish you had tried harder?

Are you thinking…..” Oh… IF ONLY” or “ WHAT IF”

Don’t have regrets….those what if’s….FEAR is an excuse you are making to not TRY…

Stop letting fear control your happiness instead start using it to benefit your life.

You might fail….what does it matter. Failure is inevitable at times. Any successful person will tell you that. To fail is your greatest teacher, learn from the experience, pick yourself up and set a new plan of attack with what you have learned.

Failure is an important advantage as now you know more…use it to benefit you.

When you hit these bumps in the road it doesn’t matter …just say “I’ll try something else – ask yourself ….what is it that I can do?”

Pushing through your fears builds a more resilient and stronger you.

Step out of your safe zone and face your fears to really live an unstoppable life…Feel The FEAR And Just Do It!

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear….not absence of fear.”
Mark Twain

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Make Changes To Inspire Your Life

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“Change Is Opportunity”

"Try to do things everyday that you never thought possible”Karen Sydne

Time to get yourself fired up so you can bring about change to live an inspired life. If you don’t make changes your life will always stay the same.

Working on yourself and making the changes you want for your life brings more happiness….it’s all about YOU – personal development is the secret to more confidence.

Be comfortable in your own skin – be the real YOU and be rewarded with the life you want.

Fuel your passion with making decisions and taking action. Make the necessary changes and believe in yourself.

Great action plans are simple and straightforward. You can achieve more when you focus on less.

Make sure you are flexible and your plan can be adjusted and changed when obstacles or opportunities come along.

New challenges are part of real life and they bring about change whether we want it or not.

Keep focused on your plan. Ask yourself – What it is that you want and does your goal match your values and the person you want to become?
You don’t want to change only to find out that it wasn’t who you wanted to be.

Focus your energy on achieving your goal. When you set your goal and put your plan in place – stuff happens.

When you fully commit your whole being to your goal it just happens, pathways and opportunities turn up as if by magic.

It is okay to be afraid and to have fears everyone does… but do something about it don’t let your fears rule your life.

Take it as slow as you want, put baby steps in place and just start doing.

When you start with what you are afraid of doing the fear disappears. Fear is only there because you haven’t got all the answers.

Put steps in place to find the answers and be rid of the fear.

Decide, commit and start taking action, just take the first step, then the next one and so on.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with what might happen in the next five months or five years – just concentrate on the day you are in and keep taking the next step.

Stop talking about what you want and what you will do and could do and actually start doing it.

When you DECIDE to make a stand for yourself and love yourself enough to go for what you want then you become UNSTOPPABLE…..that is such a great place to be!

Have the courage to stand up for yourself and for your life.

Too many people fall victim to the needs of others, pleasing their family, their partner and friends. Losing their identity and sense of self.

Sacrificing their own values for the need and approval of others.

It is all well and good to take care of others and we can do that as well as looking out for ourself but just check in and see how many things you are giving up that you really want in your life.

You are here to life your own life and when you are fulfilled and happy you can then give more to others.

You teach people how to treat you by the kind of behavior you allow from others and how you let them treat you.

People pleasing is a total energy drainer, learn to please yourself first and your energy levels will rise.
Step up today and change what you do and how you do it and why you do it.

When you decide to change you become a magnetic powerhouse.

It is okay to give yourself permission to want what you want and to go after it.

Live an inspired life – don’t procrastinate – make the necessary changes quickly.

Everything you want is just your dream, your vision and the action you take.

Make the necessary changes to have the life you want. Until you change something, everything will stay the same.

As Albert Einsten said…."Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Decide ‘YES’ to your life!

The life you want is simple – it is just a matter of making a decision to change and to take the action steps that are needed!

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Lessons to learn from Leonardo Dicaprio

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“Only you and you alone can change your situation. Don’t blame it on anything or anyone.”
- Leonardo DiCaprio


The power of persistence and perseverance will change the way you experience life it also inspires others and will gain respect for you.

Perseverance is the willingness to push onwards in spite of criticism, self-doubt, fear of failure and it takes persistence to work hard and never give up.

Leonardo DiCaprio taught us many things with his win at the ‘Oscar’s‘ …ONE: being exactly that persistence and perseverance paid off when he won his first ‘Oscar’ for the best leading actor for his performance in ‘The Revenant.’

The ‘Oscars’ is a great celebration and spectacular event….millions of people sat glued to the screens to watch the complete coverage of the 88th Academy Awards.

From checking out what everyone was wearing to seeing if their favorite stars had received an award but for others they would learn from the valuable life lessons Leonardo DiCaprio showed us.

He is a real example of how stick ability will get you the rewards. The American actor has been nominated six times for an ‘Oscar.’

His first nomination came at the age of 19 and he has had to wait 22 years to be finally awarded and ‘Oscar.’

Leonardo has had a very diverse career going from relatively modest beginnings appearing in low budget films to now a very sought after actor appearing in Hollywood blockbuster movies and he is one of the most respected actors with much to offer the world.

This highly sought after and prestigious award is the absolute pinnacle of achievement for any actor – it is the recognition of their work from the most prestigious body of judges in their industry.

So for his continued efforts and great performances his perseverance and persistence finally paid off and won him the ultimate prize an ‘OSCAR.’

So what is the most valued prize that you seek, the prestigious award? What is the coveted position you want? What does success mean to you?

You have to know with certainty that it’s not a matter of if you will be successful, but when!

Also we can learn from Leonardo how to grab your opportunities when they come along. He is very passionate about ‘Climate Change’ and how urgent the need is to take action to save the planet.

He took this opportunity and used the powerful platform he was on to deliver his message for the powerless that don’t have the opportunity to voice their concerns in such a huge public arena.

In his acceptance speech he delivered a strong statement and used his voice for the good of others. This very special moment was about him and his ‘Oscar’ win but he didn’t make it just about him.

So many people in his position would not have had the courage to venture into a political issue for fear of what it might do to them and their career.

What better opportunity was there than this when he had such a huge captive audience. He realized the powerful opportunity he had and he took this moment to get his message out to the world.

He is very passionate about environmental and humanitarian causes, donating millions of dollars to these and he founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to support sustainability efforts.

On the night of the ‘Oscars’ win he had the courage to stand up for what he believes in and he took this opportunity to spread his message.

Always keep alert to what opportunities are around you and grab them with both hands and go for gold.

Leonardo has shown us that after 22 years of giving his best he now has the ultimate reward.

To achieve anything of value and importance it is a must to keep persevering – don’t ever give up.

If there is no willingness to make the necessary sacrifices and to put in the effort then the reward is not deserved.

It is possible to have, do or be anything but it requires the belief that it is possible.

To have the right attitude and it also takes commitment, that determination and discipline, having courage, keeping focused on your goal, being persistent and persevering until reaching your identified goal.

Leonardo started off as just an ordinary youth at 19 and this is a real glimpse into how normal everyday people can change their life’s and became extraordinary - anybody can do the same in their own live.

In an interview, Leonardo said – “I think I survive because I don’t limit myself. If there’s some experience I want to have or a place I want to go, I go do it.”

This is a very powerful statement and one that is true for anyone wishing to be successful. ..it’s all about YOU – personal development is the secret to more confidence and success…..don’t limit yourself.

Be comfortable in your own skin – be the real YOU and be rewarded with the life you want.

It’s about keeping focused and staying true to your message, going after what you want and letting go of the trivia…the small stuff.

Leonardo puts it this way with his tips on how to survive an interview with a journalist – “ Only talk about what you want to talk about, no matter what the question.

How true is this and how many people get caught up with mindless chatter, gossip, that takes them no where, just wasting their time.

Successful people know this well.

Keep focused on the goal and the action steps that need to be taken rather than just talking about a bunch of thoughts and what you might do and could do and hope that something works.

Leonardo’s achievements and incredible life story are an inspiration to empower people and to show that you must take control of your own life.

You don’t have to wait before breaking free of what is holding you back and living a life that you are really proud of.

Don’t settle for anything less than the ultimate prize and always be prepared to quickly capitalize on the opportunities that are being presented to you.

No one is YOU and that is your POWER. Stay committed to WHO you really WANT to BE.!

“If you can do what you do best and be happy, you’re further along in life than most people."
Leonardo DiCaprio

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Love Thyself

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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”
- Henry David Thoreau

A vital key to HAPPINESS is to LOVE YOU. Yes YOU…that person you get to live with every day of your life…

If there is something that displeases you then do something about it.

Start by asking yourself some questions about YOU and write down your answers so you can identify where these thoughts have come from:


* What don’t you like?

* Why don’t you like that about yourself?

* What are you going to do about it?

* Where did you get this belief about yourself?

* If you changed the way you thought about yourself how would your life be different?

You come up with a lot of how you feel about yourself from that inner critic that lives within you and it can be very nasty. If you spoke to your friends the way you speak to yourself you would have no friends.

We all have this voice that sometimes tells us that we’re an idiot, we are too dumb to do that, not pretty enough, are too old, that inner voice knows how to be mean when you let it have the control.

That voice stops you from putting yourself out there and taking risks…it stops you from saying things to others that you would so love to say. That inner critic can be so powerful.

The thing is you have the control over your inner critic and can stop it tearing you down. You need to learn how to make friends with your inner self and start using her for good.

Learn what triggers her and when it is that she shows up. Is it when you make a mistake, is it when you want to try something new, is it when you want to raise your hand and ask a question at a seminar? When is it that your inner voice shows up?

Once you identify and learn about your inner voice you can recognize all that mind chatter and see that it is keeping you as a victim. Ask yourself why you are so worried about that issue and keep going until you get down to the real reason of what is holding you back. When you love yourself it lifts your self-esteem and your confidence grows.

“Talk To Yourself Like You Would To Someone You Love!”
- Brene Brown

Having more confidence builds up your self-esteem or self-image. This is your opinion of yourself and how you think others see you. All the beliefs you have about yourself and the beliefs you have accepted from other people. SELF-ESTEEM is the degree to which you value yourself. Your self- image can make or break you.

Your life is all about YOU and YOU are the most important person in it. You must realize that you have the power to change anything to the way you want it to be. Your level of confidence and self-esteem is one of the most important aspects in obtaining the life you want.

Make the voice that tells you that you CAN do it much stronger and louder and listen to that voice and set yourself FREE to do whatever you want. It does take practice but it is so worth it and it starts by learning to love yourself and all that is unique and wonderful about you.

Say this mantra daily:

This Is Who I Am And I CAN Do Anything!

I would love to be able to help you see all that is so loveable about YOU.

Stuck In A Rut?

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"Rock Bottom became the foundation on which I rebuilt my life."
- J K Rowling

Being stuck in a rut can drag you down, make you feel depressed, or as if life is something you just go through day after day but no longer enjoy.

This can slowly happen without you realizing it; then one day you wonder what happened to your life, and when did this happen to you?

For many daily life is designed by some form of routine which can’t be avoided, like going to work eight plus hours a day, taking the kids to and from school each day, cooking and cleaning which can be all so mundane and predictable.

Sometimes the reasoning behind routine is because it provides a safety barrier…where you get comfortable with your life and feel secure in the way it is, so why change?
However, sometimes routine can start to get you down, can leave you with a feeling of disassociation and can start causing problems in relationships, work and daily life in general….and gradually you become unhappy, bored and bogged down in a rut.

This is the time for CHANGE and FAST!!!

Dig yourself out of the hole and start enjoying life again.

It’s when we hold things back, start worrying about everything and habouring grudges that many problems occur in life…mental, emotional and physical problems.
When things are allowed to ‘build up’ we get overwhelmed. Most of us don’t even enjoy ‘our own’ company when we feel like this.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new."
- Socrates


- Do at least one thing everyday that is different to your normal routine, this could be something as simple as taking a short break and going for a walk, sitting down to read a chapter of a book or any other hobby you once enjoyed.
- Take up a new hobby, make sure that you give yourself some times throughout the day to just enjoy something you like doing.
- Shake up meal times by having something different, you can either try a different recipe or order different take out, try foods from different cultures.
- Get out and meet new people, there are many ways you can achieve this, join a gym, club or attend a self-improvement class or hobby class. Attend networking groups like BNI, join organisations like Zonta, Rotary, The Lions Club, Toastmasters.
- Drive a different way to work or if possible walk or start cycling, not only will this break the rut you are in but also get you fitter...if you can take a scenic route where you are by the sea or can see the mountains or the trees do so...being in nature is so good for the soul.
- Take up a new sport; there are many types of sport with something for the fitter to the more moderate forms of exercise.
- Do something special for someone else without expecting something in return...make someone's day.
- Do something each day that is totally out of character for you, start off with small changes and work your way up to bigger ones.
- If you are at home with children then change your routine throughout the day, don’t always do the same chore at the same time, shake up the way you do your housework and how you interact with the children.
- Make small changes around the home or work area…it breaks up the mundane daily routine that you once had and adds spice to your life….bring excitement and joy into your day.
- De-clutter your home or work area; it is surprising how being surrounded by clutter can get you down.
- Be very grateful and appreciate what you already have.

Go ahead! Select AT LEAST one thing from the list above and just do it!

When you step back and give your self some ME time and allow yourself to stop and just BE… you create some space in your head and get clarity around how you can HAVE what you want.

You will be amazed at the thoughts you have and all the ideas that just pop into your head and the magic starts to happen in your life.

Go ahead….get out of the RUT and go for what you want ….be the ‘UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN’ that you so can BE!

I would love to help you get out of the rut…contact me for a FREE chat!

"There are many peaks and valleys in life. You must focus on the peaks or the valleys can pull you down. Life is a peak-to-peak experience."
- Dr Robert Schuller

Have An Awesome Life

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Why have any other life than an awesome one. I always question what is the point of anything if it does not make you happy and it is not what you want to do….seriously - WHY would you bother?

The person who can give you what you want is yourself that’s why it is important to take the time to understand YOU and what it is that YOU really want.

Invest in yourself as this person (YOU) is along for the ride for the whole journey of your life. You don’t get off the bus until the final destination….the last resting place.

There are some simple steps you can take as you attract what you think you deserve…so it makes sense that you think you are worthwhile in order to attract the best things in life and to feel good about yourself.

  1. Know what you want. …What is your big ‘WHY’ in life….what are you passionate about? When you know your ‘WHY’ and ‘WHY’ you want it you can then figure out ‘HOW’ you can get it. What do you really want? A No1. Question that you need to get the answer for.
  2. Know what your own values and beliefs are… What is important to you and what will you compromise and won’t compromise on…what are the deal breakers for you? What do you believe about yourself and life? Ask yourself questions…do you really believe these things to be true or are they someone else’s beliefs that you have been told and accepted.
  3. Set your goals…. Write a huge list of everything you want to do – your bucket list and start making plans to do the things that are important to you. Every day achieve a small goal and work towards your big goals. Start now TODAY!
  4. Look after your well-being…Having a great nights sleep is important. Sleep in a room free from technology. Meditate. Exercise. Eat healthy unprocessed foods. Do things to keep you mentally, physically and spiritually strong. Valuing your health and fitness level is crucial to feeling good and getting more things done.
  5. Get rid of the negativity…. Cut people, situations and influences out of your life that make you feel anxious and stressed. There are no place for gossips in your life you don’t need their drama, it is soul destroying and depressing being around these people. Moving away from negativity lifts your energy.
  6. Your time is valuable…. Have boundaries in life and business that honour your time. When you give away your time to things you want to say ‘no’ to….you are allowing others to use up chunks of your life. Time is your most valuable asset don’t give it away to things and people that make you unhappy.
  7. Be happy. Do things each day that make you laugh. Go on a date with someone that makes you happy…or date yourself and do the things you love. Give yourself flowers or that bottle of wine you enjoy, take yourself to your favourite spot. Relax and watch the sunset. Say lovely things to yourself. Watch your thoughts and words….what you think and say is what you get in life!


“You can have, be or do anything you want, you just have to want it enough.”
- Karen Sydne

I would love to help you live an awesome life contact me know for a FREE chat.

Smell The Possibilities

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Hi ….Karen back again - todays chat is about smelling the possibilities getting yourself tunedSmelling Flowers in to see, feel and smell the magic that is around you.

I love the earlier mornings where you jump out of bed with enthusiasm for what lies ahead in the day. That smell of possibilities that linger in the air filling your heart with joy. Thinking of what opportunities will drop into your path….the experiences you will have and the difference you can make in a day….because you can make a difference in a day!!

Have gratitude for this fresh new start. Everyday is like a new beginning to tackle things in a different way. To live in the moment of the possibilities of what this day brings…let go of the stresses of yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow be in the NOW. Enjoy the present moment.

Get in the habit of before you go to sleep at night asking for an answer to any problem or challenge you have had in the day and then let it go. So often you wake in the morning with it solved. This new idea or solution miraculously pops into your head and whoopee you are off….

Set yourself up for success every day. Don’t wish to be successful. Expect To Be. Do what is necessary. Success doesn’t just decide to knock on your door. Make decisions to change the direction you are heading in life, you have to make the tough decisions. Do whatever it takes. Smell those possibilities and grab them with both hands and hit the ground running.

Keep the focus on what you want. Time spent on doubt, fear or low-priority things slows down what you accomplish. When you take your mind off focusing on what it is you want to achieve, all you see is obstacles. When your mind is focused on your dreams and all the possibilities you don’t have time for the many self-doubts that block the way.

If you want more success and happiness then you first have to change some things get rid of stuff that is holding you back. The following are some things to give up and to no longer tolerate. They are all unproductive things that add no value to your life and take you further away from what it is you want:

7 Things To Give Up

  1. People Pleasing
  2. Doubting Yourself
  3. Negative Thinking
  4. Fear Of Failure
  5. Criticising Yourself
  6. Saying YES When You Want To Say NO
  7. Procrastination

Now on to the doing….get your ‘ to do ‘ list cranked up and take action. Focus on what you want and be damn determined you will get it. Turn your impossible into possible. Don’t waste time worrying what anyone else is thinking about you because it only matters what you think.

7 Things To Do

  1. Smell The Possibilities
  2. Set Your Goals
  3. Make An Action Plan
  4. Believe You Can Have It
  5. Focus On What You Want
  6. Hang Out With Like Minded People
  7. Don’t Worry What Anyone Else Thinks About You

With these simple changes it can make a huge difference to your life but be consistent and make the changes permanent which will create new habits that keep you moving forward. Remember you become like the people you spend the most time with so hang out with people you want to be like.

Life can seem to move fast that there is too much to do and never quite enough time to get it all done. While there is no magical way to stop time, or even slow it down, there are ways to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Look to all the extremely successful people, the high achievers, they have exactly the same amount of time as you. No one person has the luxury of ever getting more time yet what some people can achieve in a day is extraordinary, proving that anything can be done.

Study the people who are doing what you want to do, learn from them, their mistakes, their successes and the best way to do it. Why waste your time trying to learn it yourself when they have already worked out a successful way.

Successful people know how to sniff out all the possibilities; their highly trained nostrils are super sensitive. Follow their trail this is working smarter, faster and more efficient.

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Questions To Ask Yourself

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I hear it said time and time again from people that they never have enough time….that life is just rushing by…

Yes this is a biggy for many people that they would love to have more TIME and some FREEDOM to choose what they would like to do in their day.
To have the energy for fun and excitement, to have more money and that it wasn’t such a struggle to get.
To be able to stop looking at their life as lacking, that it is just plain dull and boring and they feel unattractive and that there is just no spark in their life….no VaVoom to get out there and sparkle!

Does this sound like you???
Then it seriously has to change…that is no way to live!
How would you like to learn how to have more TIME and FREEDOM for yourself and the have the VaVoom that I Can Do Anything….…
It is time to ask your self some questions…..and really think about the answers to get some real clarity around what you really want for your life.

Ask Yourself these Questions:

  1. What does the life you want really look like?
  2. What don’t you want?
  3. Are you at the stage where you thought you would be at this time of your life?
  4. Have you a dream that you would love to achieve?
  5. Identify the talents and skills that you are good at?
  6. What skills do you want to master?
  7. How much money do you want to earn?
  8. What did you most enjoy doing as a child?

Stop the video and write down your answers….

Now you have your answers – have another quick look over them and see if you want to make any changes….What do the answers tell you about yourself? What can you see that you would need to change to get what you rally want? Work out some action steps that you can take immediately.

Remember how great life was when you were a kid ….the excitement and joy you got from the smallest things, the freedom to roam, explore and play. You can have that again….you can be or do anything you want.

I want to help you get it RIGHT NOW.
Have you had enough of watching others succeed while you constantly feel like giving up?
Do you think that it would just be too good to be true for you?……
That you don’t have the confidence to ever get what you want….that is only for others?

Well that is simply not true ….they are just barriers you have put there, limiting beliefs that you have, excuses you are using and the story you are telling yourself.

Life is too damn short for this way of thinking…get out there and kick butt today, take life on and live, it is way too late when you are at your own funeral wishing that they were able to say different things about you!

Keep learning, educating yourself, updating your knowledge and challenge yourself. You need to become the expert in your chosen field, how can you be unique and memorable?

How can you become the person you would want them to be able to describe in your eulogy? Do it now – don’t wait for your life to be over. Have the courage to make your world meaningful to you and learn from others how they overcome their challenge….and how you can too!!


High Performance Coach
Professional Hypnotherapist