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Change is one of life’s certainties and it happens whether you want it to or not,  be prepared to roll with it as it can happen when you least expect it.

The more flexible and open to change you are the quicker you can adapt and progress can be made. Changes occur without your permission, they happen overnight sometimes and your world seems like it has been tipped upside down.

Sometimes it seems like it takes forever to see a change and then the next time you hardly have had time to adjust to new circumstances and bang along comes another change.
Change your strategy, tactic or plan until you find one that

None of us know what the next change is going to be, what unexpected opportunity will be just around the corner that can change our life. Changes that are for the worse are hard to accept and understand but these too we have to learn to embrace and look for the silver lining as we get no say in whether we want that change or not.

Generally people are resistant to change but this wastes a lot of energy in being unhappy and frustrated.

It is common to try to undo a change and to revert back to the way things were before when it seemed settled and secure and you were content with life even though it may not have been the best. We are comfortable with what we know and new or different can seem wrong or uncomfortable.

Security is in what you know; it is an illusion that we are safe in our comfort zone. This illusion is what keeps us stuck and resistant to change by believing we are secure.  Freedom to choose and  being in control of your destiny is real

Change is where progress happens so welcome it and open up to the opportunities and possibilities that surround you. Look for new and different ways of doing things. How can you do it better? Change is where the excitement lives, the growth in your life.   Change keeps you young.

Very often it is a change of yourself that is needed, not a change of scene. Alter your thinking and attach positive meaning to the changes you experience in your life. Align your skill sets with the requirements of the change; re-invent yourself!

Ask yourself different questions to find a different answer. Use the 5 W’s and the H technique of questions to help you. Begin your questions with:
‘Why,’ ‘Who,’ ‘What,’ ‘When,’ ‘Where,’ or ‘How.’

Change is inevitable. Change is good. Be open-minded to new opportunities that present themselves, welcome change as an opportunity. You can’t control many of the changes that happen in your life, but you can control your reaction to them. Look for the silver lining of change.
Remember the adage   ‘Every cloud has a silver lining.’

Karen’s 10 Secrets to Business Success

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1. Smile Smile Smile

One of the easiest and most important things to do in business, is to give your customers a smile and a warm welcome – but it is something that so many don’t do.

A smile relaxes your customer and makes them feel comfortable in your business, which will encourage them to spend.

If you smile at your staff you can lift their mood and improve the atmosphere in your business environment.

Smile when your day goes bad, smile when it goes well. A happy face shows confidence and a smile lifts your spirits, so smile at everyone you pass in your day.

Tell yourself each morning:
“I feel great, I feel healthy, I feel terrific.”
Choose to be happy and just smile.

A smile can have a profound effect on the people who see it. A smile is like the sun. It has the power to brighten up an entire day.

“Each day, find someone to surprise.”

2. Give Your Customers What They Want

In business it is important to find out what your customers want, don’t assume you know.

You cannot sell what you are marketing if customers don’t walk through your door or contact you. Make sure you are dangling the right carrot.

You might hear comments for various reasons that someone would never deal with your business. Take that as a challenge to make them eat their words. Give them what they want and they will soon forget what they have said.

It doesn’t matter what business we are in, we are all in the people business, and we have to give them what they want.

An objection from your customer is simply a request for more information, you haven’t supplied them with what they want. Ask the right questions to find out exactly what they do want.

Customers can give up to eight objections before they say yes. As we learnt from the tortoise and the hare story, persistence pays off.

Remember satisfying yourself doesn’t pay the bills. You can choose success or failure it’s up to you.

“When you have exhausted all the possibilities, remember this:
you haven’t.”
Robert Schuller

3. Fake It Until You Make It

In business you always have to appear confident even when you are not. There is so much you have to learn as you go.

Live each day , in your mind, as you have already achieved the end result you want for your business. Believe in your mind that you already made it, and the answers will come. Always in your mind you see your business achieving the success you have outlined, as your end result in your business plan. See your successful business in your mind, feel the emotions that go with success, enjoy and live the success in your imagination. Fake it in your mind, feel the joy, the pride, the excitement. Walt Disney said if you can see it, you can have it.

Don’t mistake this for being dishonest, there is no room for dishonesty in business. You lose more than you gain by being fake and insincere.

You won’t get so easily weighed down with day to day problems when you can see the exciting plan you have for your business. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imaginary, so feel free to live your dream.
Never give yourself a way out, failure is not an option. Focused mind power is one of the strongest forces in the universe. It doesn’t cost anymore to dream big than it does to dream little.

“People are not remembered by how many times they fail but how often they succeed. Every wrong step is another step forward.”
Thomas Edison.

4. See Obstacles And Deal With Them

In business there are situations you don’t have control over, prices go up, new government legistration, downturn in the economy, machinery continually breaking down. Illness happens, tragedies occur, staff leave, natural disasters, to name just a few. This is all real life stuff that we have to learn to cope with. Learn techniques now to allow you a better chance of coping if something does happen. Be prepared. Anxiety, worry and stress exaggerate the problem.

Sometimes when you’re down and things aren’t going well, its easy to back yourself into a corner and think you are the only one who goes through tough times. Everyone has poor me moments, but that’s what separates a champion from the rest, the ability to realise when they are in trouble and be able to push through it.

Take a few deep breaths, count to ten, relax and reassess the situation.

2 Rules 1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
2. Everything is small stuff.

How would your day tomorrow be, how would your life be affected in a months time if things didn’t work out today? Is the stress and worry worth it.

“When we put a limit on what we will do, we put a limit on what we can do.” Charles Schwab.

5. Know When To Fight The Fight

Even when you know you are right you don’t always have to keep fighting to prove that. Know when to stop, when enough is enough. When you have to have the last say, you might have a short time of feeling smug and righteous but you can never be sure what connections the person you are in battle with has and when your hasty words may come back to you in the future.

Never argue with your customers and don’t give your personal beliefs on controversial topics like politics and religion. You never know when you might need that customer. You will never win an argument with a customer because they win, by simply spending their money somewhere else.

If it is someone in authority concerning your business, keep a close look at their body language and tone of voice. Realize when there is no point in continuing with the current way of handling the situation. Sometimes they can not see outside the square and only know how to operate with the set criteria they have. It’s simple: if you need them, don’t upset them. Find another way to approach them.

People bite and make sarcastic comments when they are out of their comfort zone. Success comes with your ability to be able to relax them and put them at ease. There is only one way to get anyone to do anything and that is by making them want to do it.

We have two ears and only one tongue so that we may hear more and speak less.

“Always give your enemy an escape route, But never give yourself one.”
Sun Tzu.

6. You Must Earn Respect

Respect doesn’t just come, you have to earn it from your customers, staff and suppliers. Eye contact and a steady gaze builds trust and respect.

Make sure your word is your word, nothing creates more distrust and unease than when you go back on your word. So think before you speak and be very sure you can deliver what you promise.

With respect comes referrals. Referral business is the best kind of sales work because credibility and trust have been established by your previous customer.

Never lose your cool and lower your standards to that of an irate customer. Always respect your customers privacy, one of the sacred rules in business.

Always take care of your personal appearance, dress appropriately, even perfume is important. Look at your waiting area, the entranceway to your business etc, do they make the right statement about your business.

If you don’t respect yourself, how are others supposed to respect you.
Attitude is everything.

“An ounce of image is worth a ton of performance.”

7. Dot Your I’s And Cross Your T’s

In business there are certain requirements you must have, regulations you must meet, rules set by councils, government departments and other authorities. Make sure you have all the signed documentation you need to protect your business.

Stick to the rules and have your business covered if something does go wrong. You can never have enough information recorded. Have it filed where you can find it.

Keep newspaper articles on relevant information for your business, take photos, keep anything that is important as a record and evidence. It is better to be able to blow the authorities away with evidence than not be able to answer their questions.

Laws and authorities don’t always protect you and can cost your business a lot of money if they decide to be difficult. Your business is your responsibility to protect so being prepared can save you a lot of money.

“What you plant now, you harvest later.”
Og Mandino

8. Is There Another Way?

There is a need to have rules and regulations to create order, but sometimes our customers’ needs fall outside our requirements.

Be flexible and helpful to your customers, think outside the square.
Is there another way to fulfil their needs?

You could miss out on a big contract or sale by not being flexible.

In a world full of red-tape, try and make it easy for your customer. Your customer will appreciate your help.

Never embarrass your customers or make them feel silly, no-one likes to be embarrassed.

Build up a rapport quickly with your customer and make them feel special.

Learn to do one thing well….LISTEN. Not listening is the biggest barrier to success.

In your business what would happen if you upsized more-i.e would you like a tie with that, more sales, more profit. People don’t always buy what they come to buy.

“Catch a passion for helping others and a richer life will come back to you.” William H. Danford.

9. Have Balance In Your Life

Balance your work life with your home life. Don’t under estimate the impact on your personal and family life when you focus too much on business.

Like in everything, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

It is important to have good time management skills, have a detailed plan and a “to do” list everyday.

Try writing your next days to do list the night before. That saves you valuable time, because you are already focused and know where you are going to begin your day.

A couple of hours can disappear very quickly while you are procrastinating over several cups of coffee, deciding what to do.

It is not easy to keep the balance in your life, but write down your goals and read them every day. Love what you are doing.

When life is balanced and less stressed you see more opportunities. Small opportunities that can so easily be overlooked, can often be the beginning of great enterprises.

“Life is like a bicycle. You don’t fall off unless you stop peddling.”
Claude Pepper.

10. Self Belief not Blind Belief

To operate a successful business you must believe in yourself – you are the key person. You have to take all the steps to know what you are doing, not just think you know.

You must have a plan in place that is faultless, but is also workable and practical. That your self-belief is believeable to you. You have to know with out a doubt that you can do it.

Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be determine what we will be. People who succeed know what they want and believe that they can get it.

You have to repeatedly enforce information onto your belief system. The only way to fail is not to make an effort. You have nothing to lose but the fear of trying.

If you keep believing what you’ve been believing then you will keep achieving what you have been achieving.

“Entrepreneurs don’t sit on their haunches waiting for something to happen. They make things happen.”
Victor Kiam

In Summary …

At the moment we have doom and gloom reported everywhere. Talking continually about a recession just causes a snowball effect and the more energy we put into it causes it to happen.

Good things can come from changes in the economy if you look at it and learn to make different choices – i.e look at what areas you are extravagant in .

Learn to make different choices, learn new skills, expand your knowledge. Take personal responsibility so what the economy is doing doesn’t matter to you.

Never tell anyone that business is slow, that you had a quite day. Keep this information to yourself and find a way to change it. You have the power to create your own happiness and outcome at any time.

In the great depression some people become millionaires – the positive people who believed.

Enjoy your business, have lots of fun, love what you are doing and remember to smile.

Strategies for Well-Being

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We ask ourselves questions like;

Why am I so fat?
Why am I so unfit?
Why am I so unhealthy?

This line of questioning just reinforces what you don’t want.

Ask a question like;

How am I going to become fit, healthy and strong?

Focus your attention on what you want. Set your weight loss goal, your fitness goal. Write it down and then break it down. Make it specific, measurable and achievable. Diets don’t work, eat healthy and start your diet at the supermarket by not buying unhealthy foods. Exercise first, you simply have to start and stay committed. Make your goals, walk further each day, walk faster each day. Challenge yourself each time you exercise and make your heart race faster. You need to make yourself accountable and responsible for your own state. Have the necessary medical checks first.

Make it fun to be fit and healthy. Look forward to your exercise and see it as YOU time. When walking or exercising some other way observe everything around you, enjoy the scenery and other people, listen to your favourite music, do some thinking, make it an experience.

When you don’t look as good as you want to, it can influence the decisions you make and some of those decisions can hold you back. A happy confident person with high self-esteem always looks fantastic.
When you raise your self-esteem it is easier to lose weight, tone your body and to get fit and healthy.

So don’t make anymore excuses , just begin, do something today, anything is better than nothing and stay committed. Enjoy the benefits of living the life of a fit, healthy person. Encourage and congratulate yourself on each small achievement, each one is a step closer to your goal. Feeling good about yourself and having good experiences are among the best things you can have in life.

Set some goals;
- run a marathon
- overcome a medical condition
- eat healthy
- lose weight, tone up your body
- stop smoking, drugs, alcohol
- learn to meditate
- have more energy
- play a team sport
- start at the gym
- other?????????????

Stop procrastinating and just go for it……..be the person you dream of being.

Strategies for Personal Growth

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Self-Belief is the key.

Act, think and speak as a believer. Do not allow yourself to think that you can’t achieve your goal. Plan for success – think about the steps that are needed to achieve your goal. Change what is needed about your life, attitude or behaviour and use the power of your desires to bring about the change. Learn to go beyond what you think you can do, think outside the square, look for a different way, a new approach.

You can always use the excuse that you are too busy to make changes in your life, to do new things – but it is just an excuse and it doesn’t get results for you. You need confidence, self-belief, courage and the ability to not care what anyone else thinks of you. When you become too concerned with other people’s opinion you fail to listen to and challenge your own opinion.

No one is better or more important than you. Everyone is just a person like you. You can admire and respect other people and give recognition to what they do and achieve, but they are still just another person like you. Decide what you want for your life and just go for it……you can have, be or do anything you want……you just have to want it enough. Attitude is everything.

Bring back spontaneity, dream-time to your life……little miracles happen everyday that we don’t notice, become aware of your surroundings. The memory is in the heart, we remember what we love and we love with our heart, so make sure you do what you love.

Remember to smile.

Take time to be in nature.
Take time to be silent.
Take time to just be.
Take time to meditate.
Take time to day-dream.
Take time for family and friends.
Take time to do the things you love.
Take time for affirmations and visualization.
Take time to bring back spontaneity.
Take time to record your goals and dreams.
Take time to simply care.

We have taken away our dream-time. We need time to let our ideas pop in.


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