Change is one of life’s certainties and it happens whether you want it to or not,  be prepared to roll with it as it can happen when you least expect it.

The more flexible and open to change you are the quicker you can adapt and progress can be made. Changes occur without your permission, they happen overnight sometimes and your world seems like it has been tipped upside down.

Sometimes it seems like it takes forever to see a change and then the next time you hardly have had time to adjust to new circumstances and bang along comes another change.
Change your strategy, tactic or plan until you find one that

None of us know what the next change is going to be, what unexpected opportunity will be just around the corner that can change our life. Changes that are for the worse are hard to accept and understand but these too we have to learn to embrace and look for the silver lining as we get no say in whether we want that change or not.

Generally people are resistant to change but this wastes a lot of energy in being unhappy and frustrated.

It is common to try to undo a change and to revert back to the way things were before when it seemed settled and secure and you were content with life even though it may not have been the best. We are comfortable with what we know and new or different can seem wrong or uncomfortable.

Security is in what you know; it is an illusion that we are safe in our comfort zone. This illusion is what keeps us stuck and resistant to change by believing we are secure.  Freedom to choose and  being in control of your destiny is real

Change is where progress happens so welcome it and open up to the opportunities and possibilities that surround you. Look for new and different ways of doing things. How can you do it better? Change is where the excitement lives, the growth in your life.   Change keeps you young.

Very often it is a change of yourself that is needed, not a change of scene. Alter your thinking and attach positive meaning to the changes you experience in your life. Align your skill sets with the requirements of the change; re-invent yourself!

Ask yourself different questions to find a different answer. Use the 5 W’s and the H technique of questions to help you. Begin your questions with:
‘Why,’ ‘Who,’ ‘What,’ ‘When,’ ‘Where,’ or ‘How.’

Change is inevitable. Change is good. Be open-minded to new opportunities that present themselves, welcome change as an opportunity. You can’t control many of the changes that happen in your life, but you can control your reaction to them. Look for the silver lining of change.
Remember the adage   ‘Every cloud has a silver lining.’

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