Questions To Ask Yourself

I hear it said time and time again from people that they never have enough time….that life is just rushing by…

Yes this is a biggy for many people that they would love to have more TIME and some FREEDOM to choose what they would like to do in their day.
To have the energy for fun and excitement, to have more money and that it wasn’t such a struggle to get.
To be able to stop looking at their life as lacking, that it is just plain dull and boring and they feel unattractive and that there is just no spark in their life….no VaVoom to get out there and sparkle!

Does this sound like you???
Then it seriously has to change…that is no way to live!
How would you like to learn how to have more TIME and FREEDOM for yourself and the have the VaVoom that I Can Do Anything….…
It is time to ask your self some questions…..and really think about the answers to get some real clarity around what you really want for your life.

Ask Yourself these Questions:

  1. What does the life you want really look like?
  2. What don’t you want?
  3. Are you at the stage where you thought you would be at this time of your life?
  4. Have you a dream that you would love to achieve?
  5. Identify the talents and skills that you are good at?
  6. What skills do you want to master?
  7. How much money do you want to earn?
  8. What did you most enjoy doing as a child?

Stop the video and write down your answers….

Now you have your answers – have another quick look over them and see if you want to make any changes….What do the answers tell you about yourself? What can you see that you would need to change to get what you rally want? Work out some action steps that you can take immediately.

Remember how great life was when you were a kid ….the excitement and joy you got from the smallest things, the freedom to roam, explore and play. You can have that again….you can be or do anything you want.

I want to help you get it RIGHT NOW.
Have you had enough of watching others succeed while you constantly feel like giving up?
Do you think that it would just be too good to be true for you?……
That you don’t have the confidence to ever get what you want….that is only for others?

Well that is simply not true ….they are just barriers you have put there, limiting beliefs that you have, excuses you are using and the story you are telling yourself.

Life is too damn short for this way of thinking…get out there and kick butt today, take life on and live, it is way too late when you are at your own funeral wishing that they were able to say different things about you!

Keep learning, educating yourself, updating your knowledge and challenge yourself. You need to become the expert in your chosen field, how can you be unique and memorable?

How can you become the person you would want them to be able to describe in your eulogy? Do it now – don’t wait for your life to be over. Have the courage to make your world meaningful to you and learn from others how they overcome their challenge….and how you can too!!

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