5 Tips For Winter Motivation

Winter is half way through now but it has been a force to reckon with at times – but nip that cold weather slump in the bud before you disappear into hibernation. It's tough to get out from under the warm covers in the morning. It's tough to get motivated in winter - it's easier to make excuses for yourself when it's cold, wet and miserable...but know what they are just excuses. WINTER is a great time and has a lot to offer so get out and enjoy it!!

Keep your energy high and mood lifted as the days are shorter and the nights get colder, as even the best of us can get a little bit down. The'WINTER BLUES' are characterized by a lack of motivation and low energy; maybe a mild depression can be experienced by some during this cold season.

Luckily, there's a lot that you can do to both prevent the blues from coming on and to get yourself back to normal if they're already here.

1. EXERCISE - isn't only for maintaining your weight and staying healthy. It's great for relieving the stresses of life. The effects of a good workout can last for hours and you'll have more energy throughout the day. Exercise also helps your mind by releasing those ' feel good chemicals' that improve your mood. Wrap up warm and go for walks with a friend to catch whatever sun is around, getting vitamin D from the sun also improves your mood.

2. ACT ON YOUR GOALS - make yourself a goals board and place reminders of daily actions steps you can take to be inspired and motivated on the colder days and to keep a positive attitude. Studies have shown a strong link between healthy behaviours and depression. People who exhibit healthy behaviours have less sad and depressing days. So get inspired and take action with steps to reach your goals or those resolutions you made at the beginning of the year.

3. TREAT YOURSELF - having something to look forward to keeps you motivated. Winter can seem endless but if you have an exciting event coming up - your mood improves, so reward yourself with a treat. Plan things that are exciting for you... a weekend a way to the hot pools, a massage, sauna, a party, a night out to the movies or a restaurant. Get dressed up and go to a winter ball. Set some family challenges to see who can come up with the best winter treat.

4. EMBRACE WINTER - instead of avoiding the cold and snow, look for the best that winter has to offer. Take up a winter sport like ice skating, skiing, snow boarding, hockey, netball, rugby. Enjoy these opportunities while they last - after all, winter is only here for a few months of the year. What could be better than a trip up to the ski fields and enjoying the magic of snow? Getting involved in winter sports is a great way to get out and about and to socialise with others – such fun.

5. BE GRATEFUL - for all that winter has to offer and appreciate this time of the year. It is a chill out time to revitalise yourself and relax. To enjoy the fires burning in your home, which brings comfort and warmth - nothing beats being able to gaze dreamily into those roaring glowing flames. Homemade hot and tasty soups that fill you up and warm the soul. Hearty beef casseroles crammed fill of vegetables, winter roasts to share with the family and best of all delicious melt in your mouth steamed puddings and custard. Those tantalising homemade cooking smells that fill the house are simply HEAVEN!! And we can't forget to mention the other great thing about winter you get to wear your boots and gorgeous scarves...LOVE IT!!

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