Hi, I'm Karen.

I help business owners and entrepreneurs design and build high performance  profitable businesses so they can have the confidence to create a business and life they want.

As the founder/director of Karen Sydnè Coaching & Co I am driven in my daily role, as a High Performance Mindset Coach and a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, to help my clients achieve the things in their lives that are important to them. Using the combined skills of high performance coaching and hypnotherapy I am able to provide the necessary tools for my clients to achieve successful results much faster and easier in any area of their life. 

My business is results driven and from the 'Unstoppable Life' and the 'Ultimate Wellness' programs that I have created, to meet my clients needs whether it is as an individual or a business/company, successful results are achieved. The ethos's and belief I have, is that we can have anything we want, if we want it enough. 

To do this we must be 'Unstoppable' and keep going through every challenge, to never give up until getting the desired outcome. I give 110% always to my clients and provide solutions to get successful results in whatever they want to achieve, this is paramount and where my passion and drive is directed. I love that the end result is that my clients are able to live the life that they actually want. 

Over three decades I have successfully owned and operated several businesses and have travelled extensively coaching and helping clients. As an international author and speaker, I have spoken on stages in many countries. Having met and worked with numerous renowned professionals, I have gained vast knowledge in many areas, which is a benefit to my clients.

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We help everyday business owners achieve extraordinary things. We support you, so you can find a better work-life balance, increase your profits and  give you the freedom to 
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You are the most important person in creating the success you want in both life and business, so your personal development is crucial for your success, we use a range of advance tools, such as NLP, Hypnosis and Accelerated learning to fast-track your wealth & success

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We consult, run events and workshops delivering engaging  solution based real-world business & personal development advice.
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Karen is a world-class expert that gets actionable results using the most advanced systems and personal transformation technologies such as NLP  & Hypnosis.

Had enough of watching others Succeed while you feel like giving up?

If you were able to Change this, Imagine what that could do for you....

What Others Say About Karen

"Karen is an amazing lady. Her strength of character in overcoming adversity in her life is an inspiration to us all. Throughout her challenges she has kept a positive spirit and had enough resourcefulness to look out for others and care for them too."

Mike Catton
Christchurch NZ

"Karen is  one of those most unique women who is not only aware, present and knowledgeable but she also has the get up and go, to make a real difference. I've had the privilege of working with Karen on a number of projects and her determination, excellent attitude and practicality never cease to amaze me."

Amy Scott
Professional Speaker

"Karen is  Awesome and if you're serious about wanting to grow your business & you want to create more wealth and success then Karen is the ideal coach. Because she's been there and done it for herself and for her clients. We recommended Karen to our clients and we got amazing feedback due to the fast results she achieved for our clients."

Darren Stephens
Global Publishing Group

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