WHO I AM... As the founder/director of Karen Sydnè Coaching & Co I am driven in my daily role, as a High Performance Mindset Coach and a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, to help my clients achieve the things in their lives that are important to them. Using the combined skills of high performance coaching and hypnotherapy I am able to provide the necessary tools for my clients to achieve successful results much faster and easier in any area of their life. My business is results driven and from the 'Unstoppable Life' and the 'Ultimate Wellness' programs that I have created, to meet my clients needs whether it is as an individual or a business/company, successful results are achieved. The ethos's and belief I have, is that we can have anything we want, if we want it enough. To do this we must be 'Unstoppable' and keep going through every challenge, to never give up until getting the desired outcome. I give 110% always to my clients and provide solutions to get successful results in whatever they want to achieve, this is paramount and where my passion and drive is directed. I love that the end result is that my clients are able to live the life that they actually want. Over three decades I have successfully owned and operated several businesses and have travelled extensively coaching and helping clients. As an international author and speaker, I have spoken on stages in many countries. Having met and worked with numerous renowned professionals, I have gained vast knowledge in many areas, which is a benefit to my clients. One of the other skills I have is a very fast turn around from negative to positive, from problem to solution. When something upsets me I just get over it and move on, and do whatever is necessary to change it. I don't dwell on issues, what has happened has happened so just deal with it...life is too precious to waste it on what you see as a problem....fix it, everything is fixable...you just have to make the decision to fix it...as I say be 'Unstoppable! WHAT I DO... Coaching and hypnotherapy sessions provide my clients with the fast track to success....helping to bypass a lot of trivial steps that hold them back and are leading them to nowhere. To discover the root cause that has been preventing them achieving the outcomes they want. To provide solutions for problems presented. All sessions are tailor made for my clients and individualized to meet their specific needs. No one size fits all so I don't use a script that is made for the 1000's each one is made designed to meet the individual needs. My clients happiness and what they want comes first and that is what we work together to achieve. With hypnosis clients reach this euphoric happiness and fulfilled state much faster. Hypnotherapy works for most area's and for example...if the clients desire was to lose weight, they can do this easily and with lasting results. To be able to quit smoking or other addictions after years of struggling to do so, is life changing. Hypnotherapy is very successful in lowering anxiety and stress levels which helps people to achieve more productive and successful days. More business success or empowering athletes to become champions increasing mental toughness...success is limitless! WHAT I LOVE... My work and clients are very important and I get great satisfaction in the challenge of working with each and every one and the requirements they have. Be it Mums and Dads, Grandma's and Grandad's to high profile business people, celebrity persons and sporting heroes I guarantee my commitment to them and I absolutely love every day at work. For the balance in my life I love time spent with my family and friends and doing new activities and adventures. I love cooking and baking and it always puts me in a happy mood and I sing along as I cook. I am creative and love designing and making ornaments and gifts. I have made wedding dresses, men's suits, clothes for myself and my children and I designed and sewed clothes for one of my businesses. Being an author and writing books was an exciting challenge and another passion. I write pages and pages of content most days whether for blogs or for published content in books or magazines. I have learnt how important exercise is to keep your energy levels up. By keeping fit and active you stay more alert, energised and healthier. I like to go swimming several times a week or for a bike ride, lift weights and do some cardio....I also hula hoop most days and that is great for the waistline. I love the sea and the mountains and enjoy walking and looking at the beautiful surroundings and what nature has to offer....to breathe in the fresh air. I believe you are responsible for your own life and you have to get out and get what you want, push through your fears and just go for it. There is an answer to everything that comes up to challenge you. Ask yourself great questions until you get answer that solves the problem. Find successful people that are doing what it is you want to do and look at how they have achieved it. You cannot always control what happens to you, but you can control how you react and respond...what actions you take to deal with it. The most liberating thing you can do for yourself is to stretch and grow from experiences, your past is to learn from and to set new challenges for yourself. Plan for your future with your goals and dreams and take the necessary action but absolutely live every day in the moment and enjoy it. To choose everyday to do whatever you want for yourself, love every minute!