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THE POWER OF THE MIND “Your mind delivers to you exactly what you think you are worth.”   The mind is the most powerful tool that humans possess and it is the ultimate key to success. It can take you to the greatest heights on the success ladder or to the depths of failure. When you change your thinking, you can change your life. Hypnotherapy is a very remarkable way to help with mindset shifts bringing greater success in any area of your life. Hypnotherapy is a centuries old method for re-booting our minds to positively improve aspects of our life. It is a very quick and easy way to help someone snap out of the things that are doing them harm and to start developing more beneficial habits.   You might have spent years climbing the corporate ladder and chasing the promotion you thought would make it all worthwhile, only to get it and suddenly feel bored, uninspired, or disillusioned. If you often find yourself sitting at work wondering, ‘Is this it?’ it’s likely that your work lacks purpose. The same in your sporting career your successes lack the excitement you thought they would bring you.You don’t stop and celebrate your achievements just continuing on to the next quick fix. Hypnosis has the power to bring about positive and permanent change in your life. It rewires the beliefs and behaviors behind your fears, phobias, and negative habits by tapping into your subconscious mind. It can free you from whatever is holding you back - low self-esteem, unhealthy eating habits, toxic relationships, lack-lustre unfulfilling days, not fulfilling your passion and purpose - so you can live a joyful, successful and abundant life. When you do what you are meant to do and excel at it, you live your life with meaning, purpose, and significance. You feel happy, rewarded, satisfied and fulfilled.   For many people, the hardest task in business, sports and life is to know who or what helps them to feel good about themselves and their world, that is, who or what promotes a state of relaxation and well-being. The second most difficult task is achieving a state of balance between training and rest, between work and play, between seriousness and spontaneity, between relaxation and readiness. People get caught up in what they have to do, should do, or should be and what they think others expect them to be. This imbalance costs them a lot. The more relaxed and at ease you are, the more you feel in balance and the better your performance, whether in sport, school or at work or in your relationships. To be an effective and successful athlete, to achieve at the level you desire, you should know who and what promotes your centeredness, confidence, relaxation and your ability to have fun.   But people seldom take the time to be honest and self-nurturing enough to really connect with all the things that add to their lives and to balance the more negative things to which they seem so attached. People seem to be very good at knowing all the things, situations, people and so on that make them feel insecure, angry or frustrated with themselves….   But how do you achieve this balance, to achieve your peak performance?   One step is to become aware of your mindset and how you speak to yourself. Those harsh, hurtful & critical words that you say to yourself on a daily basis. When you are harshly critical of yourself it can cause you to self-sabotage. The mind loves positive words, it loves words only in the present tense, it loves words that make a picture and that you can see where you need to go…..learning and growing and that makes you feel great! Hypnosis is the best way to change, the most powerful way to change, the most permanent way to change. It uses cutting edge tools and is based on new and exciting methods that work. With the power of hypnosis you can have anything you want in your life.   Research indicates that future success emanates totally and absolutely from a person’s present mental attitude and self-concept. If you accept that the pictures in your mind, how you see yourself, your self-concept, have real and actual power, you will understand the importance of those pictures. What is your mind? It is that thinking part of yourself, the visions, the thoughts, the dreams you have. That part of you that talks to its self, analysing, creating, thinking and problem solving. You can change your mind through using powerful affirmations as they help to recondition your thinking and reframe your experiences into a positive, learning mode. This allows you to create a new reality for yourself with your mind and your emotions. It works best for you when you quiet yourself and when you are willing to move your mind aside and listen to the still, small voice inside.   Without a doubt you are strong, you are perfect and you can do anything you want and when you add your mind power behind it you will be unstoppable. Your mind is a very powerful machine so learn to harness its power and it can help you to experience all that you want in life, business or sports. Also, your mind tells you to think differently, to be afraid, to doubt yourself, to compare your abilities with those of others, to judge yourself or tell yourself to quit. Your mind wants to control you and when you let it you are giving it all the power. You must train it to work for you not against you. If you believe you deserve to have what you want, you will go towards achieving that goal. If you don’t have acceptance of yourself and you feel there is something lacking, something to be ashamed of, or something that is less than perfect about yourself, you will deny yourself of the things that you wish for.   People are their own worst critics and that is why they are so hurt and angry when someone else criticises or judges them. The critics are saying what the person is already thinking or feeling. If you are not self-accepting in your personal life, you will have trouble being self- accepting in your business life or sporting life. If your only identity in life and who you are is as the business person or sporting star, when you are finished your career, there is no self to be. You are lost. Who are you really? What is your purpose? You can have exactly what you want in life, business or sports or personal outcomes but it is your choice. You must be honest and true to yourself, think of everything you have ever wanted to be, do or have. Allow yourself to want anything you want and back it up with total commitment. Write it down. Imagine yourself being, doing, and having exactly what you want. Feel how it feels, notice any inner talk. Is it positive or negative? Set your mind free to allow yourself everything.   What if you actually got everything you wanted?   Take a moment to actually see yourself being what you have always wanted to be, doing what you have always wanted to do and having what you have always wanted. What does that look like? Now that you know what it is you most want, that you have the clarity put a plan in place outlining the action steps you need to take and you are ready to go. It is your mindset, thoughts, beliefs, the way you speak to yourself that stops you getting what it is you want. Remove all the limitations from your life and watch yourself soar. Remember for every 'but’ or reason why you cannot do, be or have something there is always a way to turn that around. Focus specifically on what you do want and the results you want to achieve. Be sure they are very clear to you and that you know exactly what these goals mean to you and what the exact result is that you want.   See yourself succeeding, hear the support and enthusiasm from yourself and others. How it feels to accomplish this important desire. See, feel and hear it all from the beginning to the end. Notice how simple it can be. Step-by-step you move towards your goal until you succeed. You are always in control. It’s about changing old belief systems so that you can form new ones that allow you to move forward to achieve, to become, to do and to have what you want. The more you get out of life, the more you have to give to yourself, to those you care about and to the world in general. Keeping a mental log book for life goals will help you to remember and to keep focused on the goals and the steps you need to take. If you are willing to risk and be dedicated to your mental training you will achieve your goals and perform at the top of your game. The process is exactly the same for all areas of your life. Each move forward is a learning experience and a growth step. With each step you go beyond your self-imposed limitations. You let go of fear and become willing to risk the next step.   Successful people, leaders, athletes have similar things in common: they have total belief in themselves and their abilities: they have total concentration and focus. They visualise or image what they want for days or weeks before seeing the end result. Successful people, leaders, professional athletes have similar things in common: they have total belief in themselves and their abilities: they have total concentration and focus. They visualise or imagine what they want for days or weeks before seeing the end result.   How do you want to live in the world and with what values?   Is it integrity, accountability, respect, knowledge, commitment, wisdom, honesty, reliability, perseverance and persistence?  Knowing what values are important to you, come down to taking an honest look at yourself, what you believe in, and what kind of life you want to create for yourself, your family, your friends, your community, your country. Even though you are just one person “who” you are, your values, your actions, thoughts and attitudes can make a difference. Whether you are looking at expanding your horizons, changing your lifestyle, or climbing the ladder, access your mindset to that allow you to perform better. Think thoughts of success and go confidently in the direction of your dreams and know that you have all that it takes. It is what you think about, the thoughts you have, that is what you will bring into your life. The sky is not the limit – the limit is in your mind. Mindpower is key. Mindpower is one of the strongest and most useful powers that you have. Using your imagination, you create whatever you want, whether it is success or failure. Happiness or unhappiness, opportunities or obstacles. Mindpower uses your attention, your mental images and your thoughts and you have the total control over it. Harness yours and steer it in the direction you want to go to live an unstoppable and limitless life!   “Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.”
  • Earl Nightingale
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