Changes That Make A Difference

“You have to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.”
George Lorimer

What is it about the start of a new year that everyone gets all fired up with enthusiasm to make a change to their life?

I think some of it might be knowing that you have all those untouched days looming ahead and it seems like you suddenly have lots of time for the things you want to do.

Your motivation is high and you feel inspired with all the possibilities you see before you…it is exciting. Unfortunately all that enthusiasm soon dwindles away as you see the days disappear and they turn into weeks, then months and before you know it half the year is gone.

As they say….”When you do nothing you get nothing”…so time for ACTION!

Do you want to make some BIG life changes this year that will REALLY make a difference? Are the pieces in your 2016 jigsaw puzzle starting to fall into place or are they creating a challenge?


Now is about the time when most people break their New Year’s Resolution….YES this is very common just a few weeks after they have set their goals. Don’t let this be YOU!!

Make this the year you follow through with your resolutions….stick to your plans and get the change you want for your life.

Find out where you are at ….get some clarity – start by first reviewing your past year.

  • What did you love about 2015?
  • What were some of the great moments that you would like to repeat this year?
  • What were some of the challenges you faced and are not resolved yet?
  • What do you not want to happen again?
  • What are some of the regrets you have of things you didn’t do?
  • Why do you think this happened?
  • What did you learn last year that will be helpful to what you want to do this year?

Now that you have had a little sneak peak back to where you have been check in with yourself and ask ….Where is your life going?

Is the resolution you made what you really want or is it what you think you should do because someone else has told you to….. Will it give you what you most want? To continue to stay committed long-term it must be something that YOU do really want.

Your GOAL must excite you, keep you inspired, motivated and driven to keep pushing through the obstacles. As there will be always some come up -  it is unrealistic to think there won’t be any challenges a long the way. You must have that determination to not give up at the first locked door….you CAN always find the key that opens that door.

It doesn’t have to be the case that you give up on your dream. If there is a problem accept it, let go of it….and move on.

Don’t fall into the trap of being like the majority – stand out in the crowd and be different. Seth Godin gives us a great example of this in his famous book “ The Purple Cow”  - How can you stand out like that purple cow in a whole paddock of black & white cows?  How can you be unique?  Find a way!


Pushing through the fears and challenges you have is life changing… it fills you with satisfaction and pride. It gives you more confidence. When you stick at things you start to get a few wins and that builds up the momentum to move you up to the next level of whatever the change is that you are seeking.

Big changes come from sticking consistently to small changes. The more you stick to being committed the more you train yourself to keep going.

For example if your goal is to start running. Keep it simple and achievable….have you heard it said – “run a pole, walk a pole?” Which means walk between the first two lamp posts and then run the distance between the next two posts, then walk the next, run, walk, run. Before you know it you will see an improvement and you will be able to run the distance between four lamp posts and walk between two posts.

The same with your financial goal even if you are starting very small 
for example saving $1 a week. It still beats not starting at all. Small gains consistently grow into big gains and make the BIG changes in your life.


NOW look ahead and take yourself out to the end of 2016… and see the year as nearly over.... what is it that you most want this year?

  • How do you want your year to look?
  • What is it that you want to have achieved by the end of the year?
  • Where do you see yourself?
  • What does your life look like now?
  • How is it going to make you feel?
  • What difference will it make for those around you?
  • What would be the thing that you had done or achieved that would make it a successful year for you….when you have the answer then make sure you do whatever that is!!

Write it all down in a special book or on paper…get it out of your head. Be very specific and clear.

Now divide the year into quarters and write an action plan for each three months and what you would need to achieve in each quarter so that you CAN achieve your goal by the end of the year.

Each quarter have a smaller goal that you are going to achieve that is working towards your BIG goal. Put in daily and weekly small steps that you can take. With these smaller goals it is not so daunting and overwhelming and much easier to keep going and stick to your plan

When you are achieving you build up momentum and get on a roll. You could also put your goals and action steps on a cardboard sheet and pin that on the wall where you can see it daily. Stick post-it-notes on it recording your achievements, your wins, new steps, exciting ideas, how you feel, gratitude for your life, your awesomeness!
Make this a significant year in your life. It doesn’t matter that January 1st has been and gone….just start TODAY

Join the ‘Unstoppable Club’ and really live your LIFE!

Pull out your beautiful book and get writing. Write down what you want and put your ACTION plan in place with some daily rituals you can start immediately…GO FOR IT!

I would Love to talk with you about The Changes You Want To Make….contact me now for a FREE chat about ‘Creating Changes That Make A Difference!

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