Do You Want To Make It The Best Year Yet?

The same habits of the ‘OLD YEAR’ will get you the same results in the ‘NEW YEAR’……

Change Something!!

I’m on a bit of a roll here another blog about getting what you want and making this ‘The Best Year Yet.’ But I believe it is a message worth repeating because if you don’t change something you will get the same results as last year and the year before that or maybe your life even still looks the same way it did 10 plus years ago…I sure don’t want that to keep being the case for you… so listen up!

We are already nearing the end of the second month of the year so it is very important to get started TODAY and not waste anymore of this year. I love the promise that a new year brings, that new beginnings feeling, all the possibilities ahead…it is so exciting.

So what would happen for you - if this year you took away all your excuses and decided you were going to start thinking BIG and set up a goals and action plan that will make your year super awesome.


  1. First set up a plan that deals with the every day stresses first, get your house in order so you are not facing the same old dramas day after day….wasting countless hours of your life:Set goals for your budget that will take away that financial stress of never having enough money. Arguments about money are by far one of the biggest causes of problems in relationships.There are simple things you can do to stop your money slipping away. First write down all your monthly income and expenses. You could for instance set up a system with jars at home and label each one with the different things you need to save your money toward.Divide your money into the jars each time you receive income. Doing it this way requires discipline so that you don’t dip into the money every time you want some new shiny object.A better way might be to talk to your bank and organize different accounts where your money automatically gets paid into them each week for expenses and savings. Have these accounts set so you can’t access them easily.TIP: You will never get out of financial difficulty if your spending exceeds your income. Be strict and disciplined with your income. Getting your finances under control greatly helps with achieving your goals.
  2. Set goals that takes care of planning your meals. Figure out the recipes you will use each week and the ingredients required. Then you can organize the grocery list so that you get all that is required for the week in one visit to the supermarket. In that way you are not racing frantically backwards and forwards everyday wasting time and money.With this forward planning for the week you can organize the preparation in advance for the meals and it is all sorted in your head with what you have to do…. making it less of a stress when you race in the door after work.
  3. Control That Hectic Morning Stress Of Always Running Late – set your goals for the next day before you go to bed at night. When you know your to do list and what is a priority you get up in the morning all ready to go and know what the first most important thing is you have to tackle.A lot of time is wasted in the morning by procrastinating and trying to decide what you will do first and before you know it you have run out of time and have to race out the door and nothing has been done. It is not a productive way to start your day and it sets up what kind of mood you will be in and your attitude for the day.
  4. Set goals for your health and well-being….you are the NO.1 priority in your day and feeling fit and healthy helps you produce better results and that you are also able to give more to others.It is important to take care of these everyday reoccurring problems so that you have more time to make a difference with your big dreams and goals. It will motivate you and get you all fired up to take on the world.Ultimately if you are going to be successful you will have to figure out the best way of balancing all your activities and still meet your families needs.

Set yourself up for a successful year one step at a time. List your monthly priorities…determine what matters most right now. Focus on these things and have a great structured plan that can help to overcome the obstacles and stumbling blocks that can hold you back from reaching your dreams and goals.

Make a decision that this will be your best year yet and stay committed to achieving that. Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do…never ever give up.

“You Know All Those Things You Have Always Wanted To Do….You Should Go Do Them!”

When you continually set up the best practice for achieving all the great things you want then every year will be the best year yet. Imagine how you will feel each December when you get there and go WOW this is the BEST DECEMBER.

If you feel magnificent in December it is a reflection on the great year and it sets you up in the right frame of mind for the next year.

Set yourself up now so you can look back on the year and go double WOW this sure is the BEST YEAR EVER!!!

I would so love to help you have the best year ever….contact me now for a FREE chat!

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