Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Fear is a crucial issue- the No 1 thing that can hold you back.

Are Your Fears Standing In The Way Of  Your Dream Life?….Do you long to do something but the fear just stops you in your tracks…paralyzing you to the spot and robbing you of excitement, fun and success.  You are not alone!!!

Hi…I’m Karen Scott – Creator of the ‘Unstoppable Life Program’ and I am here to help you overcome your fears so you can skyrocket your life to reach your dream!

So let’s talk a little about it and what affect it might have on your life.  What is it for you?

Spiders,Public Speaking,Asserting Yourself,Making Decisions,Intimacy/Ending A Relationship,Changing Jobs,Being Alone,Aging,Driving/Flying or Losing A Loved One.

Do you have a fear of success, of failure, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of a million and one things that keep you shut down and insecure. So for you is it some of these things….or all of them to some degree. Perhaps you can add a few more to the list. Never mind……join the crowd. Fear is like an epidemic and it can rob you of the joy of life.  A great acronym for FEAR is:   False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is often imagined and not real with no evidence to indicate it will even happen.

You are not the only one …everyone has fear but the difference for successful people is they are able to push themselves through the fear regardless and go on to live their dream life.

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