Why have any other life than an awesome one. I always question what is the point of anything if it does not make you happy and it is not what you want to do….seriously - WHY would you bother?

The person who can give you what you want is yourself that’s why it is important to take the time to understand YOU and what it is that YOU really want.

Invest in yourself as this person (YOU) is along for the ride for the whole journey of your life. You don’t get off the bus until the final destination….the last resting place.

There are some simple steps you can take as you attract what you think you deserve…so it makes sense that you think you are worthwhile in order to attract the best things in life and to feel good about yourself.

  1. Know what you want. …What is your big ‘WHY’ in life….what are you passionate about? When you know your ‘WHY’ and ‘WHY’ you want it you can then figure out ‘HOW’ you can get it. What do you really want? A No1. Question that you need to get the answer for.
  2. Know what your own values and beliefs are… What is important to you and what will you compromise and won’t compromise on…what are the deal breakers for you? What do you believe about yourself and life? Ask yourself questions…do you really believe these things to be true or are they someone else’s beliefs that you have been told and accepted.
  3. Set your goals…. Write a huge list of everything you want to do – your bucket list and start making plans to do the things that are important to you. Every day achieve a small goal and work towards your big goals. Start now TODAY!
  4. Look after your well-being…Having a great nights sleep is important. Sleep in a room free from technology. Meditate. Exercise. Eat healthy unprocessed foods. Do things to keep you mentally, physically and spiritually strong. Valuing your health and fitness level is crucial to feeling good and getting more things done.
  5. Get rid of the negativity…. Cut people, situations and influences out of your life that make you feel anxious and stressed. There are no place for gossips in your life you don’t need their drama, it is soul destroying and depressing being around these people. Moving away from negativity lifts your energy.
  6. Your time is valuable…. Have boundaries in life and business that honour your time. When you give away your time to things you want to say ‘no’ to….you are allowing others to use up chunks of your life. Time is your most valuable asset don’t give it away to things and people that make you unhappy.
  7. Be happy. Do things each day that make you laugh. Go on a date with someone that makes you happy…or date yourself and do the things you love. Give yourself flowers or that bottle of wine you enjoy, take yourself to your favourite spot. Relax and watch the sunset. Say lovely things to yourself. Watch your thoughts and words….what you think and say is what you get in life!


“You can have, be or do anything you want, you just have to want it enough.”
- Karen Sydne

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