80/20 Principle

In 1897 an Italian economist called Pareto discovered that 20% of people in England had 80% of the money. He also found that 20% of pea pods in his garden produced 80% of his peas.

Now he is famous!

His Pareto Principle predicts that in any situation, just a few things are much more important than all the rest.

This means...

  • In business, 20% of customers give you 80% of the profits.
  • For students, 20% of a book's pages contain 80% of the information. Concentrate on the 20%.
  • 20% of the food you eat creates 80% of the fat!
  • 20% of your neighbours make 80% of the noise.
  • 20% of the people in your office do 80% of the work.
  • 20% of your activities bring 80% of the results.

This is the 80/20 rule. You'll see it everywhere!

Your daily tasks are not equally important. If you have 10 jobs to do today, two of them will be more critical than the other eight.

Every day, figure out the important 20%. Do those FIRST.

Average people put average effort into lots of things.
Achievers put major effort into key things.

You can't do everything - but you can do the 20%. Don't lose sleep over the 80%!

We now have lots of time saving appliances and new
technology to help and we don't have to do everything
the 'long way' but people still wish they had more time.

If you are not using your time effectively it doesn't
matter how many time saving devices you own -
there will never be enough time... you must prioritise.


Set priorities using the Pareto's Principles or the 80/20 rule. This powerful 80/20 principle of getting the most from the least when applied makes a huge impact on the results you produce in your life.

It comes down to time management and what we decide to spend our 80/20 on... RESULTS or A LIFE OF CLUTTER!

Think about the one action that will ACHIEVE results quickly. ONE thing can changeEVERYTHING!!

Simply making a 'to do list' is not good enough. Unless you target the 20%, you can waste 80% of your time!

When you are considering the individual tasks you have to do, ask yourself if 'you' actually need to do them. Remember the 80/20 rule and decide which tasks you can delegate.

If you are doing the school run everyday, is there another parent you can share this task with. Can you get a cleaner in weekly to take care of some housework or someone to tidy the garage, mow the lawns or weed the garden?

Once you find ways to free up time, it leaves you to focus on the stuff you are good at. When your mind isn't cluttered with routine you'll have more energy to apply to your ultimate lifestyle goals.

Start your 'to do list' with the most important tasks and put them in first, including your lifestyle dates each week. Then decide when the rest will get done. Create an effective plan that maximizes your time and gives a powerful sense of purpose, drive and fulfillment every day.

Remember to include your routine tasks that you need to take care of to... housework, taking the kids to school, appointments, and making time for your family. These need to be scheduled into your 'to do' lists as well... don't forget your day to day life when you're planning your big picture.

When you have planning tools in place and your life is not full of clutter you don't forget the important things and you stop stressing over the small stuff. You are not overwhelmed and have more time and can get more done and that's amazing. Track your progress and celebrate your success!

'It's not just the amount of effort that matters, but where you put it.' Simply put, YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Your decisions are what shape your life. Take responsibility for your own circumstances. Choose what behaviour and actions you will take to support your long-term goals.

The quality of the life that you live will be a direct result of the choices that you make every day.

To excel and achieve your goals, takes a mindset that believes that you will, and that you can.

You don't want to get to the end of your life and wonder How did I get here? Why did I end up here? Take responsibility for your life and reap the rewards that are there for you. What's the important 20% in your life, that if you concentrated on it, would make a major difference for you? Apply this great principle to your life NOW!

"It always seems impossible until it is done." - Nelson Mandela

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