Are you are reactive or proactive person? Knowing how you and the people around you react to different situations can be very helpful in getting through issues faster.

Hi…I’m Karen Scott – Creator of the ‘Unstoppable Life Program’ and I am here to help you decide what kind of person you are, it is very helpful to understand yourself and how you operate on a daily basis.

I coach people everyday and help them identify the traits that drive their actions which result in their success…it is very important to first know yourself…some little tips to identify whether you are a reactive or proactive person.


Do not always take responsibility for their problems & their responses – e.g….They will say… ‘He/she made me angry.
They seek to blame other people or circumstances – eg. They will say…It is his or her fault… someone else’s fault not theirs.
Reactive people use excuses to remain stuck in a problem…e.g..It’s just not fair, nothing is ever easy for me. It’s not my fault I don’t have enough money, time or education.

When a reactive person is affected by problems their response is emotion driven. A reactive person becomes a victim of their feelings. If they are having a good day they feel happy. If something goes wrong they feel unhappy and blame the problem. A reactive person focuses on the problem & remains suck in it. – they indulge in negative feelings & seek to escape responsibility.


Will take responsibility for their problems & their responses..e.g They will say I can deal with this…leave it to me I will handle it.
They do not blame other people or circumstances..they think I can be part of the solution.
They do not make excuses for their problems…They will look at the problem openly and decide what action they need to take or that they may need to seek help.

A proactive person draws their power from their personal values, not from feelings. They seek to take responsibility for their problem & their feelings. They choose to take action on the problem & work on what they can influence and their aim is to keep focused on solutions & not dwell on problems.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to be…it is what is right for you but if you are not getting what you want in life it is worth taking a close look at yourself first to see if some changes might be helpful to you. At the end of the day it is YOU who can make a difference in your life so wouldn’t it be worth the time to really get to know and understand yourself.

To learn more about understanding yourself & how to take the necessary action steps that will help change your life so that you will be able to get out there & seriously kick some butt…all you need to do is visit www.karensydne.com/contact and I will contact you and we can have a chat. Talk soon!

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