Newsletter – September 2012

SPRING is here a time of new beginnings. I love it the blossoms
bursting open on the trees, the daffodils blowing in the breeze and the
new born lambs prancing around the paddocks.

Take a minute to think back to a time of new beginnings for you…a
time when your life changed, an addition to the family, moving
house, a new job/business. Remember those feelings of excitement,
trepidation and the dreams you had as you began this new journey.

In a new beginning it is so easy to find a simpler and more efficient
way of managing tasks that had been done in a certain way for a
number of years, to spot the flaws in old systems.

Have you ever stepped back and assessed what you’re doing everyday
and been honestly able to say that you are still as efficient as you could
be. Sit down and look at your business or job your life, as if you are
just starting.

Look at what you do, your systems, your team, your marketing…..look
at absolutely everything in your business through the eyes of a new
manager. Be honest with yourself….are you doing everything the best
way you could be? While you are there check out your lifestyle also.

Are you at your ideal weight, fitness level, life balance. Are you at
where you thought you would be at this time of your life? Recognising
it is one thing….but it doesn’t mean you have to carry on this way.
Clean out the clutter…look at everything with a clear vision. What’s
going well….and not so well. Ask the question….How can I improve my

Come on…. out with the old and in with the new. Step out of
your comfort zone and really live!!!

100-Day Challenge

From the 22nd September we have 100 days left of 2012

100 days is still plenty of time to achieve some of your
dreams and goals for the year.

So start your 100-Day challenge on the 22nd September and
finish the year on a high and be proud of yourself for what
you have achieved.

Set your challenge by writing down your goal or goals and
put in place each day a step towards achieving your goal.
Make yourself answerable and accountable, no excuses for
not doing your daily steps. When you take care of the small
steps you are suddenly ready to make the giant stride.

Once you have written down your goal you need to assess it
for effectiveness and you need to have the belief that you can
achieve your goal.

Goals may seem impossible to achieve, but if you break them
down into smaller bite-size goals, or form an action plan,
they are much more manageable and with perseverance you
will achieve them.

Make achieving your goals exciting to you. If you are not
excited about the prospect of achieving the goal your
motivation will be low. The more exciting it is to you the
more you will do to achieve it.

Karen Sydne

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