Smell The Possibilities

Hi ….Karen back again - todays chat is about smelling the possibilities getting yourself tunedSmelling Flowers in to see, feel and smell the magic that is around you.

I love the earlier mornings where you jump out of bed with enthusiasm for what lies ahead in the day. That smell of possibilities that linger in the air filling your heart with joy. Thinking of what opportunities will drop into your path….the experiences you will have and the difference you can make in a day….because you can make a difference in a day!!

Have gratitude for this fresh new start. Everyday is like a new beginning to tackle things in a different way. To live in the moment of the possibilities of what this day brings…let go of the stresses of yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow be in the NOW. Enjoy the present moment.

Get in the habit of before you go to sleep at night asking for an answer to any problem or challenge you have had in the day and then let it go. So often you wake in the morning with it solved. This new idea or solution miraculously pops into your head and whoopee you are off….

Set yourself up for success every day. Don’t wish to be successful. Expect To Be. Do what is necessary. Success doesn’t just decide to knock on your door. Make decisions to change the direction you are heading in life, you have to make the tough decisions. Do whatever it takes. Smell those possibilities and grab them with both hands and hit the ground running.

Keep the focus on what you want. Time spent on doubt, fear or low-priority things slows down what you accomplish. When you take your mind off focusing on what it is you want to achieve, all you see is obstacles. When your mind is focused on your dreams and all the possibilities you don’t have time for the many self-doubts that block the way.

If you want more success and happiness then you first have to change some things get rid of stuff that is holding you back. The following are some things to give up and to no longer tolerate. They are all unproductive things that add no value to your life and take you further away from what it is you want:

7 Things To Give Up

  1. People Pleasing
  2. Doubting Yourself
  3. Negative Thinking
  4. Fear Of Failure
  5. Criticising Yourself
  6. Saying YES When You Want To Say NO
  7. Procrastination

Now on to the doing….get your ‘ to do ‘ list cranked up and take action. Focus on what you want and be damn determined you will get it. Turn your impossible into possible. Don’t waste time worrying what anyone else is thinking about you because it only matters what you think.

7 Things To Do

  1. Smell The Possibilities
  2. Set Your Goals
  3. Make An Action Plan
  4. Believe You Can Have It
  5. Focus On What You Want
  6. Hang Out With Like Minded People
  7. Don’t Worry What Anyone Else Thinks About You

With these simple changes it can make a huge difference to your life but be consistent and make the changes permanent which will create new habits that keep you moving forward. Remember you become like the people you spend the most time with so hang out with people you want to be like.

Life can seem to move fast that there is too much to do and never quite enough time to get it all done. While there is no magical way to stop time, or even slow it down, there are ways to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Look to all the extremely successful people, the high achievers, they have exactly the same amount of time as you. No one person has the luxury of ever getting more time yet what some people can achieve in a day is extraordinary, proving that anything can be done.

Study the people who are doing what you want to do, learn from them, their mistakes, their successes and the best way to do it. Why waste your time trying to learn it yourself when they have already worked out a successful way.

Successful people know how to sniff out all the possibilities; their highly trained nostrils are super sensitive. Follow their trail this is working smarter, faster and more efficient.

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