Strategies for Personal Growth

Self-Belief is the key.

Act, think and speak as a believer. Do not allow yourself to think that you can’t achieve your goal. Plan for success – think about the steps that are needed to achieve your goal. Change what is needed about your life, attitude or behaviour and use the power of your desires to bring about the change. Learn to go beyond what you think you can do, think outside the square, look for a different way, a new approach.

You can always use the excuse that you are too busy to make changes in your life, to do new things – but it is just an excuse and it doesn’t get results for you. You need confidence, self-belief, courage and the ability to not care what anyone else thinks of you. When you become too concerned with other people’s opinion you fail to listen to and challenge your own opinion.

No one is better or more important than you. Everyone is just a person like you. You can admire and respect other people and give recognition to what they do and achieve, but they are still just another person like you. Decide what you want for your life and just go for it……you can have, be or do anything you want……you just have to want it enough. Attitude is everything.

Bring back spontaneity, dream-time to your life……little miracles happen everyday that we don’t notice, become aware of your surroundings. The memory is in the heart, we remember what we love and we love with our heart, so make sure you do what you love.

Remember to smile.

Take time to be in nature.
Take time to be silent.
Take time to just be.
Take time to meditate.
Take time to day-dream.
Take time for family and friends.
Take time to do the things you love.
Take time for affirmations and visualization.
Take time to bring back spontaneity.
Take time to record your goals and dreams.
Take time to simply care.

We have taken away our dream-time. We need time to let our ideas pop in.

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