Strategies for Well-Being

We ask ourselves questions like;

Why am I so fat?
Why am I so unfit?
Why am I so unhealthy?

This line of questioning just reinforces what you don’t want.

Ask a question like;

How am I going to become fit, healthy and strong?

Focus your attention on what you want. Set your weight loss goal, your fitness goal. Write it down and then break it down. Make it specific, measurable and achievable. Diets don’t work, eat healthy and start your diet at the supermarket by not buying unhealthy foods. Exercise first, you simply have to start and stay committed. Make your goals, walk further each day, walk faster each day. Challenge yourself each time you exercise and make your heart race faster. You need to make yourself accountable and responsible for your own state. Have the necessary medical checks first.

Make it fun to be fit and healthy. Look forward to your exercise and see it as YOU time. When walking or exercising some other way observe everything around you, enjoy the scenery and other people, listen to your favourite music, do some thinking, make it an experience.

When you don’t look as good as you want to, it can influence the decisions you make and some of those decisions can hold you back. A happy confident person with high self-esteem always looks fantastic.
When you raise your self-esteem it is easier to lose weight, tone your body and to get fit and healthy.

So don’t make anymore excuses , just begin, do something today, anything is better than nothing and stay committed. Enjoy the benefits of living the life of a fit, healthy person. Encourage and congratulate yourself on each small achievement, each one is a step closer to your goal. Feeling good about yourself and having good experiences are among the best things you can have in life.

Set some goals;
- run a marathon
- overcome a medical condition
- eat healthy
- lose weight, tone up your body
- stop smoking, drugs, alcohol
- learn to meditate
- have more energy
- play a team sport
- start at the gym
- other?????????????

Stop procrastinating and just go for it……..be the person you dream of being.

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