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“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”
- Jim Rohn

Change. It can be very scary and the fears that go with change can often cause people to give up.

But it is much more scary to not make a change. Regret is way more scarier.

Imagine this - put a 70k sack of wheat on your back and carry it around day after day forever…think about how that would feel….really imagine what it would be like for you.

This is what carrying around a change that you know you should make feels like. It weighs you down and potentially affects other areas of your life.

If you make the change and it fails so what…failure isn’t fatal, but the failure to change just might be. That sack of wheat that you are carrying around can cause all kinds of stress.

It might make you feel depressed and down, grumpy, irritable, sad and maybe even worthless.

That you live each day with a feeling of helplessness, it takes a lot of mental energy to live this way and it is very draining emotionally.

Living this way has a spiraling effect bringing you further down, down, down lowering your self-esteem.

It stops you focusing on the great stuff that is happening in your day you lose concentration and all your creative side is stifled.

Carrying this burden around, that heavy sack, affects your physical health as well. The anxiety can cause headaches, backaches, chest pains it causes problems in your relationships too. Dump that weight NOW Today!

If you are avoiding a change ask yourself…

What is it costing you to not change?

How much fun do you have in your life at the moment?

What would making changes in your life mean to you?

Often when we are not living the life that we truly want, that we are not being our authentic selves, it results in us behaving in unhealthy ways.

Could be excessive shopping, over eating, substance abuse, we procrastinate and become lethargic.


When you make the changes to become the real you, an energetic shift occurs in you and those around you.

Living your life with purpose and meaning is easier to achieve when you are not carrying around that heavy sack on your back.

When you are living the life in the way you want it brings happiness, joy, spontaneity, excitement, success and fulfillment to your life. This positive psychology boosts your productivity and the outcome you get.

Dump that sack of weight today that is weighing you down feel free and have lots of fun.

Life is way too short to suffer and you only get one shot at it…. Your life is happening right now - make the changes and live the life you want….be an unstoppable person they have way more fun and excitement!

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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
- Socrates


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