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A common phrase I hear said so often from people is just how BUSY they are.

If this sounds like you and it’s a phrase you regularly use…then what exactly are you BUSY doing?

Quite often I find it is more a lack of direction than not having enough time. Everyone has the same amount of time in their day, no matter who they are, where they live or how much money they have, no one gets any more hours in a day. How is it that some people can accomplish so much and some so little?

Successful people and those who accomplish a lot in a day simply use their time differently.

For a start they do the following things:

1. Direction.

2. Focus.

3. A Plan.

Do you possess the above qualities?

If not then maybe it’s time you took a look at what you are achieving in a day….with Christmas coming onto our radar very soon it’s a good place to start making some changes and preparing yourself.

I personally love Christmas and sharing the day with family and friends it’s a very special day of the year.

I don’t find it stressful – I love the planning and preparing for the day and I find it very sad that so many people moan and groan about Christmas.

Every year I hear it constantly said…I hate Christmas and that time of the year. Now how sad is that….why would you hate Christmas? How boring would life be if everyday was the same and there was nothing to look forward to?

If you get organized and plan early then you will be able to look forward to the day with joy and that festive spirit…

Start with those above 3 points –

Direction…make some decisions and decide want you want for the day, what direction do you want to take? Where will you spend Christmas Day and with who? What do you see happening on the day and how does that make you feel?

Focus….now you know what you want for the day focus on how you will achieve this outcome and keep your focus on that every day.

A Plan…now write down your plan. Who will you buy presents for and what ideas do you have for what you will buy them? What food will you make and what ingredients do you need? Write down anything else you have to do and what is relevant to your Christmas Day.

On your PLAN work out from now until Christmas what are some things that you can do each week that will make it less stressful in the lead up to Christmas and on the day.

Each payday buy some presents and some food for the day. Wrap the presents up…start getting organized.

As you start crossing off some things that need to be done on your plan you will be less stressed about Christmas. Being organized brings much more joy to the occasion rather than being a grumpy, frazzled, worn out wreck on Christmas Day.

Some of the keys to success are preparation and being organized. Start with Christmas Day and see the difference it makes for you and make it a GOAL to continue being organized to bring so much more fulfillment, joy, fun and laughter into your life.

You have enough time for what is important in your life….stop making excuses and make it happen….know what you are BUSY doing and is it achieving anything for you!!!

Old ways won’t open new doors…

“If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”
– Thomas Jefferson

How Far Can You Go

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How do you know how far you can go - until you try to get to somewhere you have never been before?

Too often people decide without even trying that they can’t do something just because they have never done it before. Crazy eh who would want to do that?

How Can You Possibly Know What You Can Do If You Have Never Tried.

All it takes to achieve something new is to set the goal to get there and put realistic steps in place.

Learn to not listen to negative messages in your head…it is just a bad habit you have got into and the more you listen to those inner voices the more negative you become.

Before you know it you will be saying to yourself there is no use even trying because I know I won’t be able to do it. Control those negative thoughts before they control you.

With this defeatist attitude of course you won’t be able to.

Learn new positive habits and train yourself to look for the outlook you want with a knowing that you can do it. Stop the woe-is-me stories that you tell yourself and others…don’t live as a victim.

The more attempts you make to think positive thoughts, the more positive you become and that brings creative solutions to the situation.

Only those who risk going too far can find out how far than can go. Always look ahead for the next journey you want to go on. We all have an Everest that we want to climb…find what it is for you. You can do remarkable things. You can be UNSTOPPABLE!

You’ve got to want it more than you don’t want it.
To win you have to love winning more than you hate losing. If you start fearing losing then you can be beaten because that is what you will be telling yourself.

Everything you want in life you have to make a decision and every decision has a consequence. Learn to focus and visual what it is you want…see the whole journey in pictures…visualise all the steps and how will it make you feel.

Sit next to a successful person – talk to them and learn what they have done….it cuts out a lot of wasted time and mistakes when you learn what not to do from them…their experience is priceless.

You can do any damn thing you like if you have enough passion – enough commitment – are prepared to take risks – just go for your dream. You want to die with lots of memories not lots of unfulfilled dreams.

Stand outside of yourself and take a good look at who you are and see how others would see you….If you were looking at you as another person - would you be happy with what you see, or is there anything you would want to change about this person?

It is helpful to be able to see ourselves as others see us then we are more open to receive and accept compliments or take criticism as we know these are helpful when we take a constructed view of our life.

There is no can’t …what you really mean is you won’t – humans can do remarkable things its all about attitude.

Learn skills to create a brighter future, rather than just letting life happen to you. Create moments that will take your breath away….magical moments ….MAKE IT HAPPEN by living a limitless life and becoming an unstoppable person!

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