What’s Your Story

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“Your Life Is A Story, What’s Done Is Done. It Is Totally Up To You Where It Goes From Here. You Can Write Your Own Ending.”

Where do you want to be in five years?

Can you envision your future…what does it look like? Is it a fun place to be? Are you financially secure? Are you HAPPY?

If you can see it and know where you want to be in five years time then STOP and take a look at your today’s story and how you live your life in this moment.

How is the story of your life looking so far?

Are you achieving your dreams on a daily basis? Does what you do improve your financial situation? Are you grateful for what you already have right now?

If you continue with this story will it get you the life you want?

If NOT …what are you going to do about it?

I’m sure you will be familiar with this quote from Albert Einstein:

”Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting A Different Result.”

That is such a true statement…if you want something different then YOU have to do something different.

Start a new chapter in your story called - ‘Where I Will Be In Five Years’ and take the action steps to ensure you arrive at the place you want to be in five years time.

If you don’t know what you want how can you get it. DECIDE – PLAN- FOCUS - TAKE ACTION – NEVER GIVE UP!!

“You Have To Believe In Yourself No Matter How Much It Is Stacked Against You.”
- Serena Williams

Now take a moment to think back to five years ago. Picture your life back then.

Imagine that someone asked you that same question then–

Where do you want to be in five years?

What would you have said then?

What were the dreams and goals you had five years ago? Are you today where you wanted to be when you decided this five years ago?

If not…why not?

Did the time just slip by and the years go too fast?

If you have made no progress or changes towards what you really want in the last five years then that is a total waste of time….a waste of your life.

There are no excuses we CAN always do something. This is not a dress rehearsal – THIS IS YOUR LIFE – this is your one shot at it.

Know that the next five years will go just as fast as the last five. How dreadful will it be to get there and still be living the same unfulfilled life?

Give yourself a kick up the backside because it is all up to you. No more excuses, no more waiting for the right time…Just go for it… that time is right now.

It is incredibly sad if you are not living the life you want. If you are not writing your story how you want it to be. It is never too late to write a new story. Your story doesn’t have to end here in this way.

Take inspired action today – commit to a new story – and do whatever you have to do to get it.

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write a new story full of adventure, fun, purpose and passion!

“ The Only Thing Standing Between You And Your Goal’s Is The Bullshit Story You Keep Telling Yourself.”

Dump That Weight

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“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”
- Jim Rohn

Change. It can be very scary and the fears that go with change can often cause people to give up.

But it is much more scary to not make a change. Regret is way more scarier.

Imagine this - put a 70k sack of wheat on your back and carry it around day after day forever…think about how that would feel….really imagine what it would be like for you.

This is what carrying around a change that you know you should make feels like. It weighs you down and potentially affects other areas of your life.

If you make the change and it fails so what…failure isn’t fatal, but the failure to change just might be. That sack of wheat that you are carrying around can cause all kinds of stress.

It might make you feel depressed and down, grumpy, irritable, sad and maybe even worthless.

That you live each day with a feeling of helplessness, it takes a lot of mental energy to live this way and it is very draining emotionally.

Living this way has a spiraling effect bringing you further down, down, down lowering your self-esteem.

It stops you focusing on the great stuff that is happening in your day you lose concentration and all your creative side is stifled.

Carrying this burden around, that heavy sack, affects your physical health as well. The anxiety can cause headaches, backaches, chest pains it causes problems in your relationships too. Dump that weight NOW Today!

If you are avoiding a change ask yourself…

What is it costing you to not change?

How much fun do you have in your life at the moment?

What would making changes in your life mean to you?

Often when we are not living the life that we truly want, that we are not being our authentic selves, it results in us behaving in unhealthy ways.

Could be excessive shopping, over eating, substance abuse, we procrastinate and become lethargic.


When you make the changes to become the real you, an energetic shift occurs in you and those around you.

Living your life with purpose and meaning is easier to achieve when you are not carrying around that heavy sack on your back.

When you are living the life in the way you want it brings happiness, joy, spontaneity, excitement, success and fulfillment to your life. This positive psychology boosts your productivity and the outcome you get.

Dump that sack of weight today that is weighing you down feel free and have lots of fun.

Life is way too short to suffer and you only get one shot at it…. Your life is happening right now - make the changes and live the life you want….be an unstoppable person they have way more fun and excitement!

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make the changes you want to your life.

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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
- Socrates

Giving The Gift Of Life

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I’m going to start by asking you a few questions….

What is most important in life to you?

Is it a trip, having the latest sports car, living in a mansion, a loving family, great health, peace, being happy?

What does having it all mean to you?

What are you grateful for in your life?

Take the time to think about these questions and get real clarity …

Over the last few years since living through the trauma of the Christchurch earthquakes I have really searched deeply for what means the most….what do I want and need to be happy?

Without a doubt it is firstly the people in my life…my family and friends - I love and appreciate them and I am really grateful for all I have. I also know I have to have a purpose and to keep challenging myself to be successful.

To keep learning and growing so I am in a position to help others. I think it is very necessary to keep stepping up so that we can make a difference when the need arises.

To have the passion, love and the caring for those going through difficult and trying circumstances. To have fulfillment in my life.

The importance of this has well and truly been highlighted to me recently…


I have had the privilege of an insight into the life of a courageous precious little 12-year-old girl.

Maddie Collins has kidney disease and is on dialysis but to continue to live her life she needs a kidney transplant that is not available in New Zealand.

Her chance at having a transplant lies in being able to get to America for the operation at the cost of approximately $350,000.00

A very big and daunting task for her family who without this money and getting the transplant would simply have to watch their daughter die.

How could any parent face this thought and to live with this knowledge…it is far too cruel.

Maddie suffers everyday and no child or their family should have to live this way. Maddie is such an inspiration she is determined, courageous and one very incredible little girl.

When you climb into bed at night and you cuddle up all set to enjoy a great nights sleep - spare a thought for Maddie and her family.

Every night Maddie is hooked up to the dialysis machine which alarms constantly throughout the night meaning that Maddie and her family don’t get that luxury of cuddling up in bed at night and sleeping…they will face the night anxiously thinking of how many times they will have to get up and how they will find Maddie and what her needs might be.

It could be a dash into the hospital in the middle of the night to have tests carried out on some samples her parents might have to have taken. In Christchurch where they live there are no trained paediatrician’s for children on dialysis so Maddie’s parents are totally responsible for taking care of Maddie and her well-being.

Maddie in the last eight years has spent a lot of her life in hospital and having to endure countless painful procedures.

Life can change very quickly in a day for Maddie with constant infections and coping with high blood pressure the correct dosage of medications and daily testing of bloods and urine.

Maddie in the last school term has only been well enough to attend school for seven days. This is not what any parent would ever want to see their child go through and to know that she is missing out on her education.

First and foremost is the health and happiness of our family and Maddie and her family have had to cope with more than most.

Maddie’s mother Sarah, when being tested to see if she could give a kidney to Maddie, it was discovered she had breast cancer….How can this be you might be ask? I know I do …what the ???? it breaks your heart.

Take a step back and take a good look at all you have right now and be grateful and appreciate what is in your life. Show your family love and support…be kind and caring to others.

We never know what other people are truly going through and your act of kindness or your smile might make such a huge difference in their life.

Don’t carry on the arguments, gossip, the no talkies game, hurting others - forgive and move on.

None of us know what is just around the corner.

For Adam and Sarah Collins eight years ago they had a happy, healthy little four year old who one morning woke up with puffy eyes that they thought was an allergy.

Little did they know how instantly their whole family lives were going to change and especially for little Maddie.

I think of this amazing family everyday and challenge myself to come up with an answer to be able to help in getting this money for them so Maddie can get the kidney transplant she needs to survive.

To have the life that every little girl deserves and that she can go on to realize her dreams.

This is my driving force each day but I need help to reach this goal of getting $350,000 so if you all out there can get on board and help that would be fantastic.

Send me your ideas and suggestions, your help in making this go viral would be awesome - your donations on give-a-little are so gratefully received.

Our children are so precious so treat them that way.

Forget about sweating the small stuff and stressing over dramas that at the end of the day will not matter a damn…spend the time instead with your children and create lifelong loving memories.

Get on board with me and help Maddie reach her dreams ….
"Give The Gift Of Life To Maddie"

There is nothing more fulfilling and satisfying than helping others especially this gorgeous little girl!!

To donate to Maddie go to the give-a-little page….


Set Yourself Up For Success

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“Success doesn’t come to you, You go to IT.”
- Marva Collins

It is important to set yourself up for SUCCESS.

Have you had enough of hoping that you will get more success in your life, watching while it seems to happen so easily for others …have you simply had enough of the hard slog living from day to day – constantly living the same old stuff over and over!!

Hi…I’m Karen Scott – Creator of the ‘Unstoppable Life Program’ and I am here to help you bring ‘More Success into your life!
To Show You The Quick And Easy Way To Live The Life Of Your Dreams And It Can Begin Today….

How can you get started? It’s about applied consistent action, having a great plan and being disciplined to stick to it…taking the necessary daily steps.


Here are a few simple tips that may help you create the right first steps for you:

  1. Set some meetings up with successful people. Talk to people with the knowledge and skills that you want. Ask them questions. Importantly listen to their answers. When you keep talking you know that stuff but when you listen to someone else you can learn something you didn’t know. Don’t go in with a set plan just yet…be open to new ideas. Remember they have already got the success that you want. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel – they know how to do it and this can save you a lot of time and money. Good discussions with successful people can help you create your success more easily and effortlessly…A very worthwhile lunch date to organise I would think…..who better to learn from than an expert on the subject. Or you could ask if you can shadow them for a day at their work to better understand what their work is like. It is a great way to first find out if this is the direction you want to take. Go to seminars and listen to great speakers you always learn something and get a take home gem…when listening to other people’s successes ….its a great place to network you pick up great ideas and tips when talking to other like minded people.
  2. Read a few books that push your thinking. Books are a great place to get ideas… but don’t view a book, as the gospel truth on your topic, there are lots of different answers, but use it to expand your thinking to create new ways….. Many great things have been sparked from reading a book…. Don’t underestimate the power of this - it opens up your mind to other ways of thinking which is important as it is your own way of thinking that holds you back or propels you forward….Your thoughts create your reality…. There is an endless supply of information out there…millions and millions of books on every topic imaginable…. If you read one book a week look how much more knowledge you will have by the end of the year.“If you can dream it, you can do it.” - Walt Disney

  3. Start an ideas notebook. Begin to research and collect ideas and interesting examples for your new business, or products. Cut out pictures to look at daily. Being able to see things visually or to feel and touch them sparks off that mental picture and you get the clarity that then motivates you. The motivation gives you the momentum to keep searching…Writing down your thoughts and creating a file for inspiration can help your ideas emerge and grow…. Or put up a wallboard and put notes on it with your ideas. Get a little quick stick pad and just jot your thoughts and ideas down and stick it up on the wall. They can easily be removed or added to as your idea takes shape….Share what you have learned with someone you trust and get their input.
  4. Watch Great YouTube Videos or Podcasts. There are many great TED Talks and thousands of other speeches you can listen to. There are speakers on almost any topic available to you. Take notes and write down important points that can help you develop your own plans. Determine how to translate your key points into action and get started. It is so easy to search on the Internet and find the help and information you need.
  5. Create the vision and impact you hope to have. Ask yourself some questions… ‘What will be happening when you are living the life you want…visualise and what do you see?’ What will the impact be for you and others? How do you feel about it? Don’t worry if you don’t know your exact goal and the specifics yet. You should know your “why” though. When you come up with a big enough ‘WHY’ to do something you can figure out “HOW’ to do it. It doesn’t matter what you want in life – if you can figure out ‘WHY’ you want it, it gives you the absolute drive, the absolute power that gets you going. What is your purpose for doing something, the reason you are doing it. You have to know… What Do You Really Want For Your Life? And Why Do You Want It? When you know these answers with certainty you can really focus on what you need to do to achieve the result you want! And also ask yourself what will it cost you over the next 6mths, 2yrs, 5yrs if you don’t take action towards getting the life you want?


To set yourself up for more success and to learn how to implement these steps into your life all you need to do is click the link with this video or visit my website: www.karenjscott.co.nz/strategy-session/ and I will contact you and we can have a chat. Have a great day and Talk soon!

“Success is nothing than a few simple disciplines, practiced everyday.”
Jim Rohn


High Performance Coach
Professional Hypnotherapist