What Others Say About Karen

It is with great delight that I take a moment to reflect upon a fabulous presentation that Karen Sydne did with our entire Bayleys Canterbury real estate team. We had wanted a motivational and thought provoking speaker that would provide leads to inspire our team. Karen certainly captured everyone's attention and provoked some serious consideration from everyone in respect of their lives and what they are up to.

She is a very inspirational person who lights up the room with her positive can do attitude, her courageous life story and her tireless energy to help others. From Karen's presentation our team have now been reviewing their own timelines as have a better appreciation of how important each minute of each day is.

Thank you, Karen, for your professional presentation and for engaging our team. I feel absolutely confident that they are slightly different (in a positive way) from what they were prior to seeing you in action. We would have no hesitation in recommending Karen to any other prospective organization who was looking to inspire and stretch the minds and abilities of their work colleagues further.

Whalan & Partners Ltd
Bayleys, Christchurch

I was recommended from a friend who was able to quit smoking after going to Karen. I was at first skeptical when she suggested that we had the hypnosis session over Zoom but as I didn't live in the same area, I gave it a go. I was blown away it felt like we were in the same room and I got the result I was after. I haven't had a cigarette for 9 months and loving how my food tastes so much better and I can breathe easier. Believe me I had previously tried every method out there to quit but nothing had worked.

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone wanting to overcome addictions as her approach was very different, along with the hypnosis she had me set some goals and kept me answerable. Also, she suggested I had a separate bank account to put what I would have spent on cigarettes into, so I would have some visual evidence of the difference quitting was making. This made a big impact on me and as I see that bank balance increase, I feel very excited that I will be able to buy some things I couldn't afford before as cigarettes always came out of my wages first.

Thank you so very much Karen.

Sydney, Australia


Our precious daughter was raped some years ago and despite exhausting several counselling avenues including SARS and numerous empowerment courses to assist in building her self-esteem, we still felt she was suffering the effects of PTSD which had begun manifesting in maladaptive behaviour like self-harming and a deep seated hatred of males. All we wished for, was our beautiful, now teenage girl to be confident, happy and healthy.

We enlisted Karen's help and after only 3 Hypno-therapy sessions have witnessed a wonderful transition of healthy adjustment. Karen has a wonderful empathetic nature and is extremely insightful. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with any sort of emotional scarring, self-development or confidence issues to seek her professional help and guidance.

Delighted Mum
Blenheim, New Zealand

Highly recommend Karen to anyone. I engaged her services for help to quit smoking after having smoked for more than 20 years and trying several other methods to quit. I stopped immediately and have not had a smoke for 12 months now.

It has completely changed my life knowing that my future will be heathier and all the extra money I now have for my family, which makes me feel much better about myself. I was very torn about all the money; I was wasting but I still couldn’t quit. I cannot thank Karen enough and it was so easy, she was so approachable and easy to talk to and she also gave me help with other areas of my life too.

Blenheim, New Zealand

It has been several months since I first contacted Karen to help me control my weight with the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. We had done the sessions online on Zoom, which was great to be able to do this without even leaving the house. A real bonus as I live in Auckland and the time spent in traffic to get anywhere can be a challenge. In the space of a month I had taken control of my sugar cravings and I am now eating smaller amounts. I'm now at my goal weight, having lost 15 kgs and exercising with less pain in my legs and joints.

I strongly recommend listening to the daily affirmations and recordings that Karen does, the benefits are worth the time. I was able to enjoy my reward from reaching my goal, a holiday in the Gold Coast. I continue to feel healthy and motivated, I am overjoyed with the huge weight loss. I can't thank you enough Karen and it just seemed effortless.

Auckland, New Zealand

When I contacted Karen for help thru the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, I never anticipated achieving the wonderful results I now see in the mirror. It has changed my life forever. I have lost 21 kgs, I am exercising most days now and it is much easier, having lost so much weight, it has completely changed my lifestyle.

I never have to hesitate now and make an excuse when someone asks me to go for a walk or to do something physical. I am healthier, happier and very motivated. No more yoyo dieting for me. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who has issues with weight loss.

North Shore, New Zealand