The Story You Keep Telling Yourself

“Tomorrow belongs to those who today step up and move forward with a new story."

– Karen Scott

Our stories are very powerful and super important because they represent our life…

If your story doesn’t read how you would like it to what are you going to do about it? Are you going to keep telling yourself the same old story that you repeatedly told yourself over and over last year and the year before that and the one before that?

You know the one that goes a long the lines of poor me there is no way that I can have what I want because????? And all your excuses come out to why it is you can’t and they are only excuses. You can limit yourself by the story you have made up about you. When you tell yourself things like…

  • I am no good at maths
  • I am big boned so struggle with my weight
  • I am no good at writing
  • I am stubborn
  • I have never been able to dance well
  • No one in my family is successful
  • I am a quite person and don’t have confidence

The truth is you get what you tell yourself so if you don’t have the life you want then it is time to start telling yourself a different story. Change your words for example and say - “I will learn what I need to know so I can do maths!”

If your life was a jigsaw puzzle and you couldn’t figure out where all the pieces went then you would never complete the puzzle and get the whole picture. Make this the year that you find all the pieces to your puzzle and that putting them in the correct gap is a priority.


Does some of the following describe you?

  • You struggle getting motivated
  • You often procrastinate
  • You have tasks that you know you should do and that would make a big difference in your life but you somehow can’t keep focused on those things
  • Do you often find yourself thinking negative thoughts that fill you with self-doubt?
  • Do you struggle with having enough time to do it all?
  • Do you feel disappointed with your lot in life?
  • Do you believe that you lack the skills needed to improve your life?

Well know what…..you are not alone with these thoughts, thousands of people feel this way but you can change it. Start now before this way of thinking ‘sabotages your chances of a truly happy and successful life.’

Begin by asking yourself these 3 questions…

  1. If you removed all the barriers/obstacles, that there was nothing or no one in your way - that you could have anything you wanted…. What would the life you really want look like?
  2. What one thing could you do immediately that would make a change in your life?
  3. What will it cost you and what will you miss out on over the next six months, two years, five years…if you don’t take action, make changes in your life?

Answer these questions truthfully be really specific and get total clarity. With these answers start to write a new story for your life. A story where you can have what you want not a story that is telling you why you can’t have it. Get rid of those self-limiting beliefs. You get what you believe.

“There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.”

  - Albert Einstein

It doesn’t matter what your current situation is, whether it is you are experiencing financial problems, relationship troubles, suffering with health issues, job loss or you are just feeling stuck in the humdrum of a life that sucks!

You Are The Author Of Your Life!

You CAN turn whatever it is around with the story you tell yourself. Change your story – change your life. It’s that simple! Don’t let your dream stay away out in the never, never land - this year make it a reality and really live your dream. Your life is way too important to not live it in the way you want.

Make this the year you live as the REAL YOU!

As Vincent Van Gogh said…”I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.”

You need to dream your ideal life and then go live your ideal life!

Another secret to real happiness is progress. Progress on a regular basis makes you feel alive. To make progress you have to live your life in a different way -  keep taking little steps towards what you want…be an action taker. Become engaged in your life and make conscious decisions about your choices.

Ask yourself… ‘if I do this what am I going to gain in my life and if I don’t do it what will it cost me?’ Forge ahead with a positive story and one that will complete the jigsaw of your life.

Another important step to take is to ‘raise your standards’ -  step up to where you need to be to get the life you want. Let absolutely nothing stop you. Discover what you are capable of…make your life extraordinary. Feel proud of yourself take back the control of your life and raise it to another level. Create a new life with a new story.

Love to talk with you about your new story….contact me now for a FREE chat about ‘Creating A New Story!

“Old ways won’t open new doors.”    - Zig Ziglar

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